Meeko lives in Atlanta, GA. He's liked Nala ever since the first time he saw The Lion King in the theatre, and she kept growing on him every time until finally he started going to see it just to see her. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholics because he feels there is nothing to be ashamed about being obsessed with Nala.  He's proud to be a Nalaholic, and wants everyone to know it.  He also thinks he's the world's only Nalaholic raccoon. Congratulations, Meeko, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic

Nalaholics 31-40

Jayson "Mr." Morden Better known around the TLK-L and IRC as "Mr. Kovu", Jayson comes to us from *almost* in New Orleans, Louisiana. He claims his reasons for liking Nala are as complex as the meaning of life.  He I wants to be certified to confirm his faith in the Lady of the Golden Fur and also to print out his Nalaholics Anonymous ID card to show it off whenever. He's had all sorts of dreams that run the gamut of intensity. Congratulations, Jayson, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Jonathan Williams liked Nala because whenever he watches The Lion King it provides what can be described as nourishment for his soul. He can only describe it as a feeling that is in no way bad.  He wished to become a Certified Nalaholic because of the satisfaction of knowing that he am, and it brings him one step closer to knowing and understanding his obsession with this amazing lioness. Congratulations, Jonathan, on becoming a certified Nalaholic.  
Sunday and Molly are enthusiastic Nala fans. They like Nala because she is pretty and has beautiful eyes. They want to be Certified Nalaholics because they believe she is the best character in The Lion King and the prettiest. Congratulations, Sunday and Molly, on becoming Certified Nalaholics.  
Nala M. likes Nala particularly because she is spunky and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She enjoys Nala's strength to carry an attitude. When she learned of NA she thought it would be ideal because she has always been a fan of Nala's. Congratulations, Nala M., on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Elliot hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. What made him like Nala? Nothing less than her attitude, looks, and grace. He wants to become a Certified Nalaholic because he wants to meet other Nalaholics and joining NA is the best way to do so! Congratulations, Elliot, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Brian "Lycaon" Lands joins NA from Fremont/Tracy, California. He never "liked" Nala, more like "loved" actually. When he first went to see The Lion King and first saw Nala, he knew he had fallen in love. The way her lithe body raced after Pumbaa set his mind off like a match in a gas-filled room. But when the scenes started to slow down and the famous "Look" came onto her leonine bust, his heart skipped and his breath stopped. In short: he likes her for all parts of her. Body, mind, and pure soul. They are all purrfect. He wanted to become a Certified Nalaholic because, he hopes that, through this community, he can fill in some emptiness. Congratulations, Brian, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
George S. French participates from Quakertown PA. What made him like Nala? Her way with words and her general kindness were a definite plus. He wanted to be a Certified Nalaholic for several reasons. He claims he must watch the lion king movies at least once a week and wouldn't mind if there wasn't an animated series with Nala and Simba. And, of course, because he wants to! Congratulations, George, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Simba Canuso joins NA from Pennsylvania. The first time he watched the Lion King on the big screen, he saw Nala and her personality and said to himself, "That is the most beautiful, sensitive, and caring creature I've ever seen." From that point right then and there, he's loved Nala. He was too afraid that no one else thought the same as he did but obviously others see the goodness in Nala. He made a pledge to himself that he would never get married unless he found the "Nala" that he was looking for, the right person. That pledge still holds true for over 4 years since he first saw the movie. Congratulations, Simba, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Chris lives in Tuitjenhorn, Holland. Ever since he saw her for the first time in November 1994, he fell in love with her eyes and her smile that gave him shivers down his spine. He wants to be a Nalaholic for several reasons. She is intelligent, strong, and funny, she is love in the flesh, and because of all this, he is willing to defend her honor and grace! His dream about Nala is to go to Pride Rock and give her the most warm and tender nuzzle you can think of! Congratulations, Chris, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.