Jon Redfox comes from Manchester, England. In response to what he likes about Nala, he says the question should be, "What DON'T I like about Nala" - and the answer would be "Nothing".  But, if he had to put it into words, he would have to say he likes her eyes... her smile... her laugh... her feminine leonine body... her eyes... and continue on into a trancelike state. He wants to be a certified Nalaholic because he wants the world to know how he feels about her. Most importantly, he wants Nala herself to know about him. He is quoted to have said, "Run away with me Nala!  Run away, and we'll never return!" Congratulations, Jonathon, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 51-60

Netolu Shadowlin lives in Templeton, California. He likes Nala for her grace and charm, claiming it immediately hit a spot with him. He is sure she is certainly the finest thing on this planet. Netolu would love to meet her in Real Life. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic simply to express his love for her to everyone out there. He believes you're never too old or too young to express your love for her. He dreams about meeting her someday. Congratulations, Netolu, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Brian Bommarito comes to us from Michigan, USA. He likes Nala for several reasons: Her attitude and the fact that she happens to be very sexy as well. He wants to be a Nalaholic because he wants to show off his love towards Nala. He dreams of spending an evening cuddling and talking with her. Congratulations, Brian, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Johannes "Thersites" Läuffer comes to NA all the way  from Switzerland. He likes Nala for several reasons. After he saw TLK a couple of times, the moment came where he would often only pay attention to Nala. He realized she meant something special, that she wasn't just a cartoon character, and that he loved her. Thersites was overwhelmed by her great beauty and her intellect. Every time he sees her he feels, "a big happiness" in him and, for a moment, there is not nothing to worry about....he only feels love for her. Johannes wants to be a Certified Nalaholic to share his feelings for Nala with other Nalaholics. He dreams about feeling her supple fur under his hands, being in her company, and strolling with her through the savannah as a lion. Congratulations, Johannes, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Rene Puls is from Schwabenheim, Germany. He grew to like Nala for her wonderful personality, her body, her eyes, her fur, and ... of course: The Look. Rene wants to become a certified Nalaholic because he is already a Nalaholic, just without official certification, and not ashamed of showing  love for this wonderful lioness. Congratulations, Rene, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Micheal Benner would like to become a Nalaholic because he wishes that she was real. The reason he likes Nala is because she was his favorite on The Lion King and she is really cool. Congratulations, Mike, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
David Gadd (Ibegie), lives in South England and decided he liked Nala after the first seeing of TLK. He was captivated by her looks. He wants to be a certified nalaholic as it is his dream to actually be a lion. Congratulations, David, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic .
Asali Nyuki has loved Nala forever. The first thing that made him like her was when she was an adult and she suddenly nudged Simba. Her emotions when she found Simba alive made him cry. He likes her ability to be sensitive and strong at the same time. Nala reminds Asali of his adoptive mother. He wants to be a certified Nalaholic so that he can officially state his devotion to Nala forever. He wants the whole world to know how much he love her. Congratulations, Asali, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Nanya likes Nala because she is the best character in the movie!!!! She wants to be a Certified  Nalaholic because she is so obsessed with Nala I has made a whole family for her (in addition to canons). Nanya confesses that Nala was not her original fave but she grew to be obsessed with her over time. Congratulations, Nanya, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Paul's geographic location is in the UK. He liked Nala after first seeing her in the lion king  and feels in love. He admits to watching TLK about 2 times a day just to see Nala. He just loves her for what she is and what she does, not just because she's a lioness. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because he feels that he needs to let other people know how he feels and could not believe there were so many other people out there who have the same feelings. Paul dreams about talking to Nala holding her tail and going for long walks in the moon light. Congratulations, Paul, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.