Silver Wolf is located in Illinois. When she first saw the movie, Nala immediately became her favorite character. Silver Wolf wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because it is comforting to know that so many other people love Nala just as much as she does. Silver Wolf had a cool dream about her.  Another lioness was trying to steal Simba and then there were tests, etc. to find out who was the best.  Simba chose Nala, and then there was a fight between Nala and the other lioness and Nala won. Congratulations, Silver Wolf, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 61-70

Heather Karstens joins NA from the state of California, USA. She likes Nala because she is strong, beautiful, and a loving mother. She wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because she has always loved Nala, she was her favorite character from the Lion King. Heather used to always fight with her best friend over who got to be her when they would play lion king. When the lion king 2 came out she was kinda disappointed that they didn't have more Nala but it was still great. Congratulations, Heather, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Steven Crosten started to like Nala in the first movie because she always seened to dominate Simba in play and in the real fight. After that he likes her as his favorite character in both movies, even though in the 2nd they didn't show her much. He would like to be a Nalaholic because Nala is his favorite character and seems to be the smartest, bravest and cutest of all lionesses. Congratulations, Steven, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Ian Johnson lives in San Antonio, Texas. He has many reasons for liking Nala; one, she is beautiful, but she also has a charm about her. Whenever she smiles, she has a way of making others around her smile. Whenever he sees a picture of her sad, Ian gets depressed. He can become lost in her crystal eyes for hours.  Her graceful form, her laugh, and her undying love for her spouse all contribute to her personality.  In a word, she is lovely. He wants to become a certified nalaholic because he wants to learn more about her.  After he saw the movies, he thought he knew her, but then he discovered her on the internet through fan fiction and learned more about her. He just don't want to miss a thing. He has had many dreams about Nala, but just to be part of her world, to see her, maybe to work up enough courage to speak to her. That alone would be his greatest fantasy. Congratulations, Ian, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Jason Crosten comes from Crystal River, Florida. He is proud to declare himself a Nalaholic because  Nala is his favorite Lion King character. She is funny when wet, cute, and absolutely lovely. He wants to be a certified Nalaholic because it lets him see Nala a lot more and also lets him fight my Nala cravings! He doesn't exactly have dreams about Nala, but about confessions he says, "I'M ADDICTED OK!" Congratulations, Jason, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Weije Himmis comes from Missoula, Montana. From the moment he laid eyes on Nala, he was instantly captivated by her sleek form.  When he locked eyes with her the urge to see her just kept coming back. His reason for wanting to become a Nalaholic, is that it is based solely on Nala... and also, he would like to show the world who he is. Nalaholics Anonymous seemed like the best place to be himself. His only dream about Nala was visiting her in the main cave of Pride Rock. Congratulations, Weije, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Dominik Senn is from Central Switzerland. Since he saw the "Can you feel the love tonight" scene the first time, he really had a special admiration for this lioness. He liked her look, her eyes, her personality, but especially her grace and charm. He's sure that there's no lioness like Nala in the whole TLK world. He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because the LK movie, especially Nala, has done so much for him. TLK is for him a philosophy, and so he'd like to thank Nala for all! He wishes to meet Nala in a never-ending dream, in real-life or on heaven, to walk with her through the pridelands, talk with her and be a good friend. Congratulations, Dominik, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Gerdazech T. Civet heartily admits he's a Nalaholic. He lives in Chilliwack B.C. Canada and claims to have been a Nalaholic for the last four and a half years. He started to like Nala at the beginning of the film. But lied to himself for almost a year and a half trying to convince himself that Zazu was better. After admitting that Nala was the hottest thing on four legs he moved onto another step towards my Nalaholisim. Congratulations, Gerdazech, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Piotr Kilanowicz is from Nowy Targ , Poland. He liked Nala after he first saw her in TLK in 1994. He was shocked and felt very strange , but didn't know what it was. Since then he started to collect every kind of stuff about her but doesn't have as much due to a lack of stores. He says that he's in love with Nala for all that she is. He says, "she is almost perfect ( who is ? :) cute , sweet , Mine Nala MINE ! (hugging plushie ;)) He wants to be Certified Nalaholic because it is a small group of people, with special interests, similar to his. He dreams of a CYFTLT without Simba. Congratulations, Piotr, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
John Arthur comes to us from Southampton, NY. The one thing that turned him on to Nala from the start was her beauty, as well as her touching, heart-melting display of emotions throughout the movie, particularly the sad ones which moved him more than anything else. He wishes to become a Nalaholic because he still thinks of her on a day-to-day basis. He is fascinated by her majestic appearance. Her emotions still tug at his heartstrings, and now he wishes to work with real lionesses someday  because of her influence. He claims he never would have liked lions if it weren't for Nala. Congratulations, John, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.