Rob "Nala's Pet" McComber has taken a long time to discover just what made him like Nala, and how she drew him into the world of TLK. Initially, he thought that it was just her sleek and powerful looks, and the power of her penetrating eyes (the LOOK :-) In reality, it was what was behind her eyes that really spoke to him. The way that she cloaks her inner strength with subtlety and delicacy only adds to the magic that she can work on everyone around her. Nala really is the embodiment of so many of the things that he hold dear. He'd like to become Certified in an effort to lend support to everyone who sees Nala in ways similar to himself, and to offer whatever he can to the Nalaholic Community in general. Also, he thinks it could function as a sort of closure, in that he will have gone from hiding his addiction/attraction/interest to publicly demonstrating it. Congratulations, Rob, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.

Nalaholics 91-100

 Van Dotson joins NA from the deserts of Arizona.  He loves the way Nala looks, especially that certain something in her eyes.  In fact, he loves everything about her.  He wants to become a Certified Nalaholic in order to be around Nala and other Nalaholics.  Congratulations, Van, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic. Cymmba joins Nalaholics Anonymous from Denver, Colorado who describes his relationship with TLK as an almost religious experience.  Having cycled through loving, forgetting, and rediscovering TLK, Cymmba came to find himself inexplicably drawn to Nala.  He agrees with the idea that Nala fills a void within his life, and represents something greater that he can't explain.  In all aspects, Nala is to him the most beautiful creature he's seen, and had the privilege of loving.  Cymmba wants to be certified because he's been to this site countless numbers of times, and wants to be a member.   He dreams, like many, of becoming a lion and spending many happy days with Nala.  Congratulations, Cymmba, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.
Graham Auld comes to NA all the way from Scotland.  He likes Nala because he finds her amazingly funny and very likeable.  He wants to be a Nalaholic, well, because he is a Nalaholic and can't get enough of her. He dreams about just getting to know Nala, thinking it would be an amazing experience.  Congratulations, Graham, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.
Prime Lion finds that The lion King was one of the greatest movies that he has ever seen because the story and characters are wonderfully done.  Nala, of course is one of the great characters in the movie.  He feels she is strong and single minded, showing the courage to go out on her own "and find help" as well as "rally the lionesses" while being tender enough to know how to raise a wonderful daughter with an overprotective husband.  Prime Lion wishes to be a Certified Nalaholic to be a part of a group that is really unique.  He wants to help people see the wonderful character that Nala is.  Congratulations, Prime Lion, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.
April finds it hard to explain why she likes Nala but finds her more than just the sum of her beauty.  She thinks Nala is an excellent role model because of her intelligence, sensibility, and wisdom.  She likes how Nala is a cool parent, both caring strongly for her daughter but also knowing when to give a little space.  April also likes the tawny color over her coat and her great eyes.  She wants to become a Certified Nalaholic to know other people who like Nala.  Congratulations, April, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.
Karl likes Nala because she is one of the biggest characters in all of the Lion King movies.  He wants to be certified so he can complete a story based on TLK, one which undoubtedly features the lioness herself.  Congratulations, Karl, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.
Nimrod Simba Carmi joins Nalaholics Anonymous from Isreal.  He says that Nala is the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen in his life.  Each time he sees her picture, hears about her, or reads about Nala, it lights up everything and lets him see a beautiful combination of all that is good in the world.  He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic so he can proudly show the world his allegiance to Nala.  Congratulations, Nimrod, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.  
Michael Read has been in love with Nala since she saw the movie and happily claims she's the hottest thing on four legs.  He wants to be a Certified Nalaholic because he's been one of Nala's biggest fans for a long time but didn't tell anyone.  Now, he feels it's time to tell everyone how much he loves Nala.  Congratulations, Michael, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.    
Thomas Jensen comes to Nalaholics Anonymous from Denmark.  He likes Nala because she demonstrates fantastic compassion, is nice, and adorable...she's simply the best!  He wants to become a Certified Nalaholic to join the community and let the world know.  Congratulations, Tomboz, on becoming a Certified Nalaholic.