Original Art



   Nalaholics Anonymous would not exist without the gracious support of friends and fans. Here, we proudly present some of the best artistic works dealing with Nala.

Note: If you have Nala-related art that you'd like to contribute, please contact the Head Administrator! Your addition will help Nalaholics everywhere gain more of an appreciation for Nala.

Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Submissions must involve Nala in a significant role.
  2. All works must be posted with a name or some kind of credit identification.
  3. Submission must be an original work created by you.  ie: do not submit someone else's work without their permission, even if you think it is terrific.
  4. Inflammatory, derogatory, or otherwise unacceptable works will not be posted.
  5. All works here have been screened to a G/PG rating only.  Nothing explicit will be allowed, and only mild language in very rare occassions.
  6. The Head Administrator reserves the right to accept or reject any piece of work.



David Sauve's Pridelands Online Cover for the 3rd anniversary of TLK- 132KB

Nala in an Aliens Crossover- David Sauve- 301KB

Anthro-Nala by Jerone van den Berg- 46KB

Adult Nala sketch by Elfasi. Very nice.- 33KB

A cub Nala by Elfasi, also very nice!- 36KB

Nala image done by Moon Wang. Nice smile.- 143KB

Fierce Nala by DarkUnicorn.- 72KB

Sweet picture of Nala and Kiara by Genghis- 58KB

A picture of cub Nala standing on a rock- JessKat- 33KB

Nala looks at something seriously- JessKat- 26KB

Mouse drawn picture of Nala stalking, by April F.- 19KB

This artwork was hand drawn with a pencil and then scanned.  Here is a highly anthropomorphized version of Simba and Nala from "The Lion King".  In this drawing they are depicted as what they would look like as a modern day king and queen by David Pathammavong - 54KB Former Featured Art

Entitled "Nala", this features the lovely lioness against a neat blue and pink background.  Submitted by Kalahari Tuepker - 97KB
Simba & Nala, done for my TLK site.  By "J.C."
Nala, relaxing on tree. By "Sarafina"
Young Nala in jungles. By "Sarafina"
Cub Nala.  By "Sarafina"
"Where is the sun shining?" Nala in a deep forest.  By "Sarafina"
Nala. near the pride rock. By "Sarafina"
Nala Magic Card- David Sauve- 203KB

Nala Water- David Sauve- 96KB

Composite pictures by Simba Wiltz- 310KB Former Featured Art

Simba and Nala composite on a field of stars by Sean C- 215KB

A great Nala wallpaper image by Rebecca- 33K
A Composite of Clip Art submitted to NA (creator claim)- 16KB
A neat Nala Wallpaper submitted to NA (creator claim)- 31KB