Welcome to the area of the therapy section known affectionately as "Fun with Nala!"

All therapy and no play makes a crabby Nalaholic; that's why this section is dedicated to fun and games involving everyone's favorite lioness!

Note: To play certain games, you need to have a browser that understands JavaScript and has it enabled. Recommended Browsers are Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher. MSIE 5.0 Beta does NOT work.


Meeko's Nala Counter! - How many times can you make the word 'Nala' out of any document? You can make Nala many times from this page alone! (back again!)

NALAMP - A skin for WinAmp courtesy of Simba Wiltz.  Now you can play all your favorite songs and see Nala at the same time! Featuring a cool new look to the VIS, playlist editor, and graphic equalizer! Note: the actual skin is of a much higher quality than shown here. Download it and see for yourself
Nala Puzzle Java Game - By Remy Monsen. Fit the pieces of Nala together to complete the picture! There are four different puzzles to choose from. Can you solve them all? 
 Nala Memory Puzzle - By Remy Monsen. A Nalaholic's version of this age old game! Simply flip over the tiles and try to match them up. It takes a little skill and a lot of memory!
ICQ-Plus Skin-by YounSimba. Now, you can see Nala all the time on ICQ by loading this skin in. Not just one, but multiple backgrounds to choose from! For ICQ+ only.
Nala vs. the Hyenas- By Remy Monsen. Help nala escape the Hyenas in this fun and challenging puzzle game! Place 3 Nala cubs and 5 hyenas in such an arrangement that no hyena can get to Nala.

Wet NalaAMP- A winamp skin by Remy Monsen.  Another great way to see Nala as you play music! Download to add to your collection!

Guess Words with Nala!- A CGI game courtesy of Dominik Senn. Nala will take a phrase from one of the two TLK movies, and you have choose letters or numbers until you complete the phrase or make 7 mistakes!