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     Here is a staple of Nalaholics Anonymous: the image files. Here you can see the lioness in many different scenes and poses. Exploring this area often has become a great source of joy for many Nalaholics. 
     Images are now in chronological order.

Thanks to Kubo for some of the Clip Art images below

"The Bath"

Nala gets a lick from Sarafina


Nala relaxed in Sarafina's paws


Can I go with Simba?


The cubs Celebrate

"Going to The Waterhole"

Nala and Simba, looking mischievous


Displeased with Zazu

"I Just Can't Wait to be King"

Sneaking up on Zazu


Teasing the dodo


Behind the dodo


Nala and Simba in procession


Riding Ostriches


Thrown in the air by Giraffes

"Pinned Ya"

Nala wants some credit too


Clever cubs


"We lost 'em!"


"Pinned ya"

"Elephant Graveyard"

Simba and Nala look on in awe


Looking into the Graveyard


The cubs cower from hyenas


Nala cowers behind Simba


Nala reacts to Simba's 'Roar'

"Returning to Pride Rock"

The two cubs look on at Mufasa



"The Hunt"

Nala stalking through high grass




Beginning of 'the move'




Who are you?




Friends once again


Nala smiling warmly


Nala side glancing with her ears turned back

"Can you Feel the Love Tonight?"

A surprising neck nuzzle


Simba and Nala nuzzle


Can you feel the love tonight?


What is he hiding?


Nala looking back inquisitively


Nala looks over the water


Wet lioness


Before the lick


Nala licks Simba lovingly


After the lick

"Hammock Scene"

Hammock Scene


Looking at Simba


Attentively looking on


Paws on the hammock, emphatic


"We've really needed you at home"


"Everything's destroyed"


Close and hopeful expression


Nala not pleased with Simba


Calling after Simba


A funny expression


"I left to find help"


It's your responsibility


Nala, angry at Simba

"Where is Simba?"

Nala approaches the sleepers


Nala creeps closer


Tapping Timon


The eyes!! The eyes!!


Standoff with the outcasts

"Prelude to War"

Looking over the Shadowlands


Looking over the Pridelands





Baby Nala

Excessively cute Baby Nala headshot


Baby Nala sitting with a cute look

Young Nala

Young Nala looking to the right


Young Nala lying on her side


Young Nala looking left


Young Nala running right


Young Nala moving forward playfully


Young Nala walking proudly


Nala rolling on her back


Nala with a flower in her mouth


Nala plays with a butterfly


Nala looks off the promontory


Cub Nala looking on


Startled Nala

Nala and Others

Nala gets a loving lick from her mother, Sarafina



Adult Nala

Adult Nala stalking


Vicious huntress


Adult Nala walking and looking at you


Nala looking guilty

Nala and Others

Looking fondly at each other


Surprised nuzzle from Nala


Head on shoulders, leaning together



Young Nala

Animated gif of Nala being surprised


Coloring Book of Simba and Nala


Character Sheet for Young Nala 1


Character Sheet for Young Nala 2


Art of Simba and Nala playing around

Adult Nala

Nala meeting Simba again


Movie Sketch 1


Movie Sketch 2


Movie Sketch 3


Movie Sketch 4


Adult Nala Character Sheet 1


Adult Nala Character Sheet 2


Art of Nala and Simba from the CYFTLT Sequence (bmp)