Happy Birthday, Nala!


April 21st is Nala's celebrated birthday!

This date was chosen based on character sheets that show finalized forms of everyone's favorite lioness.  The date marked on them is April 21st, 1993, and as such has been adopted by dedicated Nalaholics as her celebrated birthday.

Nala is 11 years old this April and shows no signs of slowing down.  With the many dedicated fans out there to this lioness, she will likely have many more birthday celebrations in the future!  Here is a sampling of some of the work that dedicated Nalaholics have created for the special occasion!

If you have birthday tidings for Nala, click HERE to send them in! (all works are posted subject to editorial discretion)


"Happy Birthday, Nala!" by Sarafina

Nala with a flower necklace and cute red bow on her tail rests on a bed of flowers with 'Happy Birthday Nala' spelled out in the clouds.

"Many faces of Nala" by Kitran

A compilation of many Nala pictures showing our favorite lioness in a number of scenes from the original motion picture.

"Just for Fun" by Sarafina

What do you get when you give a lioness a balloon?  A cute and funny comic as seen here!

"Happy Birthday!" by Circle of Life

A nifty modified Nala image to reflect her joy at the birthday tidings!


(coming soon)

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