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I've been wanting to make this for a long time. Yes, it isn't about Lion King, this is just another 'my opinion page'. I know I shouldn't make this, considering anime and disney are on opposite sides, but I think this page will be well worth it for me. If you want you can flame me (although I won't like it). About the fact that this shouldn't be on a lion king site, but I don't have enough material for it to be a real site. Keep in mind that I still LOVE lion king. I only like Digimon and Pokemon, and I want to put in my two cents about this never ending battle between them.

gatomon Digimon: Well, lets see here... Digimon was the first one I got into. It was on re-runs of the first season by the time I started watching it. I believe that Digimon the TV SHOW is far superior to pokemon. There are many reasons for this...First off the plot is a bit more deeper. There are always new bad guys (as opposed to that Team Rocket who get quite annoying after only a few shows). The digimon do talk however this is minor, but I really think it was not a very good idea for the maker of pokemon to decide they should just say their own names! And the animation is a bit better. I think it was better in the first seasons, especially toward the end when all of the good digimon could become ultimates (I like ALL the digimon in their ultimate stage!). As for the movie..I've never seen it so I can't judge whether it's good or not.  Btw it looks like I have a lot more info for pokemon, but if you really think about it, they have basically the same amount of stuff.
Favorite digimon (good or 'vaccine' as they call them): Weregarurumon, Zudomon, Garudamon, Flamedramon, Gatomon, Armadillomon (but not the voice),  and  tsunomon.
Favorite Digimon (bad or 'virus'): To be honest, it's hard to remember their names. I have a few.. but I can't remember their names. There's apocalymon (the very last one at the end of the second season). but that's all I can think of.
Favorite digimon ('data'): You don't see to many of those or if you do I couldn't tell them for a virus type. However I think palmon is a data type (why I don't know) so my favorites are togamon and lilymon (although they are vastly different and it's hard to believe they are the same digimon, just at different levels).
Favorite person: Kari, although I don't like the people as well as I like the digimon!
Rating (show):B+
Rating (movie): n/a at this point
Rating (overall): B+

charizard Pokemon: Ahh..the love for an obsession of this nations children;-). Begon foul money! So long college education! My child is into pokemon! When one of my friends at school got me into pokemon it was pretty hard to say no. I don't LOVE pokemon and absolutely HAVE TO have all the cards and other useless stuff, but pokemon still plays a small role in my present day life. The show gets old after awhile although the new season with the 99 new pokemon has been all in all fairly decent. I still don't like how pokemon talk though. However I do think that in the long run digimon is better in that category. I watch it mostly to see all of my favorite pokemon in action. However I am not done yet! Pokemon has very good qualities! I think that pokemon is a very good concept. Trainers capture and train their pokemon for battles. And these battles require a lot of strategy. However there is little evidence of that most of the time in the series. However the pokemon that I love is the gameboy game (gold/sliver I prefer). I have it on my computer. I got it form, but that site is no longer up. I have played many hours and even after I have beaten the whole thing (gold) and  I still think it is quite fun to just play it..As for the movies I think they are better then the series. Especially the first one!
(in all fairness I'd better say my favorite pokemon by type!)
I got a little parentheses crazy doing these, but these are my favs!

*QUICK NOTE: The numbers next to the names are mearly for reference. I really don't know what the numbers are for considering they are not mentioned in either the series and really don't have a lot of relevance in the game. Don't worry, I had to look up these numbers myself I don't know them;-). however I do know that  #1-151 are for the older pokemon who have been around since the pokemon game was first released. #152-251 are the 99 new pokemon featured in  Gold/Silver games and the Jhoto Journeys (they both also have the older pokemon as well). If you need to know more about individual pokemon and their numbers (if you want to know what the heck my fav pokemon look like click here! They are sorted by # though!*

Fire: Ninetales #038 (my all time fav!)
Water: Suicune #245 (legendary dog :-) And SO kewl!!)
Grass: Jumpluff #189
Psychic: Mewtwo #150 (followed closely by Mew #151, I have a thing for legendary pokemon)
Electric: Ampharos #181
Flying: Charizard #006 :-P (Hey! He's also flying!)
Fighting: Hitmonchan #107
Poison: Nidoking #034
Rock: Sudowoodo #185 (yes! He's cute!)
Ground: Cubone #104
Ice: Articuno #144 ('Again with the legendary pokemon?! OY!' <quotith Timon>)
Ghost: Gengar #094
Bug: Sizor #212 (mainly 'cuz he really doesn't look like a bug!)
Dragon: Dragonite!! #149 (who else!)
Skarmory #227
Dark: Umbreon #197 (no mixed types for me thanx! I could have said Tyranitar #248 or Sneasel #215 but...naw! Umbreon is my final answer!)
Normal: Ditto #132 (So cool yet so weak really...I know there are better normal types but I'm wierd)

Favorite types: fire, water, psychic, and dark
Favorite people: Erika and Elite Four Karen (Dark type trainer)  

Rating (show): C-
Rating (movies):
Rating (gameboy game): A-
Rating (overall):
B +/- (it's hard to say really)

Links!: Didn't know what I was talking about?? Well here's a few good links ;-) that will help you understand these shows a bit more (if you want to learn more!)

Pokemon:( I would put up here, but it's gone :(  ) All the hints and info you'll ever need about pokemon!
The Pokemon Crater - Not a whole lot of info, but if you want to learn more about how battling works they have a fabulous battle arena where you can learn the basics. (i.e. when pokemon evolve and what attacks they can learn) it doesn't take a lot of strategy though.
R.E League- Once your done w/ pokemon crater you can try this battle arena where there is a bit more strategy involved.
Psypoke- Just a good site! Part of the network.

Digimon: Sort of like the counterpart.
Digimon connection- Great info! Gives info about each digimon!
Digimon Apparently part of psypoke (?) but anyway another good digimon site!
The Digimon Experience: A very good site!

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