Lion King Video Game Tips (Sega Genesis)
Simba Running

I've decided I'm  going to make some game tips for the Sega version of Lion King. Since I don't have a super nintendo or a gameboy I can't give tips,but maybe these will help. Now I know what your thinking...'Sega??? That isoutdated!!' Actually I must agree with you, but since Playstation wasn't aroundwhen Lion King came out there couldn't have been a video game. Anyway justrecently I dusted off my old Sega and decided to try the game .Just to letyou before hand yes, I have beaten it and no it wasn't easy;-). So..anyway I'll quit blabbing and give you the tips...

Before you start the game...
  * You should read the instruction manual that comes with the game before you resort to reading the following.*

  The first thing I recommend is if you have not beaten the game that you go to options and put the game difficulty on 'easy'. You will be thankful you did.

Level 1 The Pridelands: This level is simple, but that's good to start out. You need to learn how to control Simba. Jumping on lizards will make them disappear. However the porcupines will hurt you if you don't either roll at them or roar at them. The way you roll is,  while pushing the direction you want Simba to move , push the down arrow. So you kinda push the diagonalbutton in the left hand corner of your controller. Now just do that to theporcupine. You might want to practice it. The blue bugs will explode afteryou  jump on them so don't stick around! If you go up to the first paintingand jump so it will save your place in case you die. Now it is very importantthat you get the ladybug because this will increase your life line permanently!If you get the blue bug on the tree it will increase Simba's roar power untilhe becomes an adult. If you get the blue and red bug you get to go to thebonus round! After you go past the second painting you will run into a hyena.If you set the difficulty on easy all you have to do is wait until thehyena starts panting then just jump on him and he will faint! If it ison normal it will take 2 jumps to make him faint. And hard is 3 jumps.
Pridelands Screen shot
Bonus Round: Just catch all the bugs that Timon throws down. If you miss one the bonus round is over. Pumbaa can burp once per round to clear the screen of bugs. If  you can do it pretty well there's a certain point in the bonus round where you must clear the screen.
Level 2 I Just Can't Wait to be King: I must say this is a hard level! First jump quickly from one giraffe head to the next. If your not quick, a giraffe will throw you into the water where you lose a life. You should jump into a nest close to a pink monkey roar at that pink monkey and he will change position. Do that for the pink monkey that's higher up as well. Then jump on the rino's head and let the monkeys do their flipping thing. You will landon an ostrich that starts running. Push down when it says to duck and jumpwhen it says to. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! When it asks you to jump twice allyou have to do is push "C" twice. However what I do is I count' one' inmy head between pressing C. This is because if Simba jumps to soon he willno make it back on the ostrich. If he doesn't jump fast enough he gets knockedoff the ostrich by the branch. It took me a long time to figure this out butit is not as hard as it sounds! The only other tip I have for you for thislevel is always roar at the pink monkeys. Blue ones don't do anything(accept fling you to a designated spot, but they don't change direction whenyou roar at them). To get back jump over the logs as quick as you can, otherwisethey sink! Find a blue and yellow bug towards the end of the level and youget a bonus round.
Bonus Round: The more bugs Timon gets the more lives and continues Simba gets. Avoid the Black Widow Spiders they end the bonus round.
Level 3 The Elephant Graveyard: This is where that 'easy' difficulty will start catching up to you! Just defeat the hyenas the same way you did the one in the 1st level. You can get the blue and yellow bonus bug early on. Beware of bones falling under Simba! You can't stand on them for long! Use bone outcroppings to swing  Simba. Defeat vultures the same way as hyenas, but flying ones can swoop down and hurt Simba! Stuck on the geyser part? Yes I was too. When Simba latches on to the first outcropping immediately start pressing 'C' as fast as you can! When Simba gets to the top push the up arrow on your pad as fast as your can. The geyser will just barely miss Simba. Toward the end of the level you have to jump on an elephant skull. Look familiar? It was the one you saw at the beginning! So be careful where you jump or you'll have to run the entire level again! I did it a few times!
Bonus Round: Same as level 1
Level 4 The Stampede: Not a whole lot to say here, just avoid being hit by a wildebeest. At the very end of the level when a whole bunch of wildebeest come forward all Simba needs to do is go to the far left hand corner of the screen. As far as he can go. They will all pass by him.
Bonus Round:
Level 5 Simba's Exile: Another very hard level. The most important thing to remember in this level is to keep going. The rocks will hit you if you don't! Remember that roll that you should have learned how to do in the first level? Well now would be to use it! When a giant bolder is after Simba he must roll to get the porcupine out of the way and immediately get up and start running again. Keep out of the thorn bushes. When at the end of the level you must swing quickly. And when Simba is standing on a large rock he must take a running head start then jump to get to the next outcropping to swing from.
Bonus Level: There is either not one to my knowledge or I haven't been able to figure out how to get to the bonus bug.
Level 6 Hakuna Matata: Ok ::takes deep breath:: You got this far. Only one more level before Simba grows up!! You can guide which way Simba falls down waterfalls. Climbing up the waterfall... You know I hate to say it, butI can't just go out and say how to climb it. However I can tell you that thelogs fall in a certain pattern, and they always fall in that pattern (they always fall at the same speed as well). The outermost logs fallthe slowest so if you don't see the pattern you should always try to keepon the outside logs. However I have seen this pattern so it is easier for me to use the logs that are towards the center. You just have to learn it for yourself, and once you do climbing the waterfall won't be a problem. If you get good at it you can get a ladybug (remember those make Simba's life longer). After you jump on the two frogs in a row fall down the waterfall and keep your finger on the left arrow. You will quickly get a ladybug. However you must wait for the logs to come down the river, jump on them and then quickly jump on the logs coming down the waterfall. I would wait till you get goodat climbing the waterfall though. Once you reach the top there is the bonusbug to the left. Make Simba jump and fall so he lands and hangs onto the edgeof the cliff. NOW... the ape. Let me see... the manual recommends that use useroll and make the coconuts hit him. However that never really worked for me.After the ape is finished throwing the coconuts he will get mad and beforehe pounds the ground you jump on his back. It will have the same effectas rolling the coconuts back to him. However don't try to jump on him whilehe's throwing the coconuts, he will just slap you away. Then he will jumpand pound on the ground  and fall into the lake.
Bonus Level: Same as levels 1 & 3
Level 7 Simba's Destiny: Wow! Simba is finally an adult. And now you have new and different attacks. When he jumps on a leopard  push 'B' and he will swipe them more (and the leopard has a less likely chance of pushing Simba off). If Simba is close enough, and his roar is strong enough his roarwill make the monkeys faint. How you use your new you can use'B' which is a swipe attack. When a leopard starts panting run towards it andwhile pushing the direction you want to attack roll your thumb over theB and C buttons, the quicker you do it, the more more likely you will get it right and Simba will roll on his back and toss the leopard over his head. You can use this attack on hyenas in later levels as well, however youmust learn how to do it eventually. When the boulder is after you (again) all you have to do is keep running meaning keep pushing the left arrow.
Simba&aposs Destiny screenshot
Bonus Level: Similar to level 2, but a different setting.
Level 8 Be Prepared: I think this is a very odd level. Utilize the new attacks you've learned in the last level. You might want to jump and swipe the bats before they start attacking you because they become pests really quickly. When you are really stuck and there are two lava geysers erupting all you have to do is stand on the first one (while it is not erupting of course) jump and swipe at the stalactite. You must do it three times then it will drop and bring the rock with it. Jump through the new hole and jump so you hit the painting (you will need to save your place). Jump on theflat rock and it will start to move. Get rid of the bats quickly. However make sure you get back on the rock 'cuz there aren't anymore rocks that float down the lava. Another rock chasing you??? Make sure you run fast! You'll end up either squished, or in the lava. The final geysers stumped meat first but you must be patient. After 5 eruptions a big flat rock will fall on top of the geyser and it is done erupting. To reduce your risk of getting hit by rocks stand on a geyser that is not blowing. Then the one on the far left will get a rock on it. Jump on that rock the geyser will blow one last time and you will go flying.
Be Prepared Screen shot
Bonus Level: None that I know of at this time.
Level 9 Simba's Return: Ok... The first cave you need to enter is the one on the very far right. (if you watch the demo at the beginning you will see this). Just make all the hyenas faint in each room, then  when you get to a room with three hyenas and three caves to choose from you must jump down, make all hyenas faint and go to the far right cave (not the one youcame in, but it is below it). The continue making them faint. You shouldreach a room with two hyenas and two new caves to go in. You must jump onthe outcroppings to get to them. Take the far left one. It will (or should)lead you to a room containing 4 hyenas and no other exits then where you camein. Beat them all and go to the next level.
Bonus Level: None that I know of at this time.
Level 10 Pride Rock: This is the final level and it is no surprise that it is shaped like Pride Rock. You will encounter Scar right away, but you can't defeat him then but you can just battle him until he runs away. Eventually once you get up higher you won't be able to fall down all the way to the beginning of the level. Once you do some climbing , staying away from fires whenever possible, you will encounter Scar for the second time. Just battle him again and he will run away. Now you climb up the side of pride rock and you will meet Scar for the final time. Battle him awhile until he starts panting all the time. Remember that rolling attack you were supposed to learn? Well your in trouble if you don't know it know! While Scar is panting get him to one side and use that attack to throw him off of Pride Rock. Then.. you win!
final Scene
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