Nala's Secret Cove!
I've been wanting to put this page up for awhile now! Luckally I've finally found time to put this up!!
Nala is one of my favorite characters in the Lion King, (sorry but she goes after Timon), but here's some reasons why!!
Reasons why Nala is a MUCH better lioness then Kiara!
Nala is SO much better then Kiara because she (in my opinion) actually had some brains:-). 
She actually cared about Simba, and her pride and stood by her opinion, even when 
Simba confessed that he killed Mufasa. She belived in him, Kiara was just a spoiled brat!
Even though Simba was really weird in Simba's Pride. His character was nothing like it was in Lion King. 
While Simba changed in SP, Nala was the same character, she was still trying to guide 
Simba through his problems, even though she did have a smaller part and I was disappointed about that. 
Nala was just all around, more sympathetic the Kiara was. Kiara showed sympathy for mostly Kovu, 
but Nala  was sympathetic for Simba, Kiara, and Kovu, she belived the Kovu was no bad from the start! 
She said " Oh my Simba, you want so much to follow your path perhaps Kovu does not!" 
She was the one who changed Simba's mind about Kovu, 
Kiara just go mad at Simba when he wouldn't let Kovu join the pride. 
A few Nala pictures
1. Young Nala laying down
2. Cub Nala dancing
3. Cub Nala running
4. Cub Nala sitting down looking right
5. Cub Nala sitting down looking left
6. Cub Nala playing
7. Adult Nala smerking;-)
8. Adult Nala hunting
9. Simba and Nala looking at each other and smiling
10. Simba and Nala cuddleing (aw)
11. Simba and Nala, nala is rubbing Simba under his chin (my fav. clip art)
Screen Grabs
1. Nala  Stalking Pumbaa in grass
2. Simba and Nala fight
3. 'Love is where they are' (one of my favorite screen grabs!)
4. The Reunion
5. Nala Kisses Simba
6. Simba and Nala soaked
Fan Art
1. Adult Nala
2. Young Nala (color)