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  Hello & Welcome! My name is Sara. I'm 17 and a Junior at Lincoln High School this year. Ocelots are my favorite animal but I also like cats, especially mine, a lot. I have 3 cats Bacster, Duke, & Clair, a dalmatian/blueheeler mix named Lee, and a black lab named Jones that I recently got from the Humane Society that I love a lot =^..^=.I'm pretty good with art (especially animals), so check out the fan art while your here. And no I didn't make these cat eyes, but if you go to the link that says Moyra's Web Jewels there are SO many neat jewels to see!  I'm also looking into biology or mammalogy as a profession.
   In my past time I do collect Lion King collectibles, Timon & Nala are my favorite characters :-). I feel that Lion King is the best Disney animated feature and I'm sure that if your here you won't disagree with me. I've been collecting for 5 years. Actually I started about a week before the movie came out. I like all my collectibles but I especially like my Lion King 'Cast of Characters' sericel I got about a year ago:-).
  btw, if you want to contact to me my s/n names are ocelot84 & oceyocelot on AIM. Hope you enjoy this site!

Liota a.k.a Lee his eyes are wierd because I tried to color them in on the computer
'cuz he had 'flash eyes' :-)


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