Watch for the empty bottles laying around...

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-"James Bond Theme Song"

     So... Ya wanna piece a' me?  It ain't easy, I'll tell ya 
that.  The name's Cheetah.  Rindimo Cheetah.  And this is where
you'll find my stories.  I'm quite a talented guy.  "Jack of all
trades, master of none" sorta bit.  Here's the stuff I've either
typed out under the influence... or had written by my creator,
Charles Barta... AKA, the local wingnut.

I'd say enjoy the ride... but maybe "Bon Apetit" will work better here... Depending on what ya ate before ya came...

Stories of the drunk and infamous...

"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night."

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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Go For It!
It's not my fault it was her turn to wear the bunny suit!

So far, there have been 4930 people who apparently have more time on their hands than I do. Sad...


     Some of the characters in this story are Copyright of Disney (Like 
Simba and Nala from The Lion King).  This story is public domain.
I don't want money for it, or anything.  So PLEASE don't sue me, Disney!
I'm a big fan of yours, Honest!
     Still, my character Rindimo Cheetah is Copyright of me, Charles 
Barta.  If anyone wants to distribute this story... feel free to do so.  
Just don't edit it, or take the credit.  It would just be better, however, 
if you linked to my site.  There's alot more goodies here than printing 
can do.
     Other than that... I think that's it.  Have fun!