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     Well... here you are.  By some twisted event, Fate has dragged you 
by your little toes, and plopped you here to be punished.  >=p'
	Allow me to introduce myself!  I'm Rindimo Cheetah-- amateur 
writer extraordinaire!.  I am currently suscribed to The Lion King 
Mailing List.  =)  A nice place to visit.  Anyway.... if Logic is 
worth anything...  every now and then, we actually TALK about TLK!  
And I like to send these strange writings along that way, 
scaring/amazing/entertaining people.  :)
	So stop reading all this ookey-manukey, and start reading the
OTHER ookey-manukey listed below!  ;)  Feel free to email me, and tell
me what you think!  (BTW...  I mean concerning the STORIES, not my
mental state!)


				-Rindimo Cheetah

	Oh yes, one more thing.  The first Parody is the worst one I 
did.  Not to mention... I included some poems and Real Life stories I
have also posted to the list.  :)

        You are number 6121 since I finally rememberred to put
a counter on this page!  Now don't you feel special?  ;)


My first parody I posted to the list. Not the best...

My Tlk Experience.

Cheetah Verses Windows 95.

The Savannah Steakhouse.

The REAL reason for pie-ing Bill Gates. ;)

The TLK Purity Test.

Oil! The real reason Scar wanted to be king!

Raiders of the Lost Bark

The Savannah Steakhouse Revisited

A story that just didn't make it. (For obvious reasons)

Rafiki Karaoke!

Wanna hear a Hyena joke?

The Bionic Cat

The Bionic Cat 2: Throwing a Wrench in the Works

The Wait is Over

My confessions

The Circle of Wives

The Fist Church of Simba Lost & Found Department

The Pride Land's Nail Salon

You Gotta Plan These Things...

A "Lion King" experience...

Hell Nin~o

A Fuzzy Feeling to Share.

You Didn't See Anything!

Rafiki of OZ.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.


Why Kiara doesn't want to be queen.

Join the FCOS Junior Marines!


A little pick-me-up...

First Aussalt of the FCOS Junior Marines

A parody... and a poem. (That got some flak sent my way.)

Simba's Pride Subplots

How I Learned I Was an Idiot.

The Rindimo Zone

A Monty Python/Simba's Pride Crossover.

Return of the 6'2" Cheetah

(a little adult content) The Mysterious Boogetyshoo of Pridelands High

Mufasa's Star (First idea)

Mufasa's Star (Second Idea)

You Know....

We Are Exxon (parody of "We Are One")

I Just Can't Wait to Be Peeing! (Parody of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King!")

Dinner Theatre

Be Repaired! (Parody of "Be Prepaired!")

My Camping Experience Being a Counselor for the First Time.

A love poem written for a challenge addressing writing love poems for favorite Lion King/animal.

Simba discovers something about Nala.

"American Pie" Parody to commemorate my 50th parody (which this is). This is also a very special announcement. ;)

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see what the special announcement is all about.  ;)

1997 rindimo_@bellsouth.net

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