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Lion King Parody Page II

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You still feeling lucky?? READ AT OWN RISK!

A parody of a very old song. (Hey There, You with the Stars in Your Eyes.)

"Addicted to Nala"-- a parody of "Addicted to Love." ALso, another "Addicted" song to boot!

Rafiki: Master of the Spirit World

There's more than one way to kill a Mufasa...

The Top Ten Things you DON'T want to hear a TLK character say!

The real cause of Zira's death.

It's a spoof on one of those "Celebrity Deathmatches" everyone is raving about.

A very-- VERY naughty poem. ;)

"Pumbaa You Smell!"-- a parody of a Lynard Skinnard song.

"Sarabi's Argument"-- a somewhat dark poem.

Truth or Dare!

"Your Panties!"-- a parody of "Upendi!"

"All You Need Is Nala"-- parody of "All You Need Is Love."

The Single Life

I don't even know why I'm posting this one here...

Rindimo's Psychic Hotline

Under the Stars

Is Kovu good or bad? ;)

Takanstein's Monster


There was one last test Kovu had to go through before he was to kill Simba...

Simba's Pride outtakes, take one!

A silly "What-if-Timon-and-Pumbaa-had-a-song-to-sing-in-SP?" Song.

My views on Zira's "Brainwashing" Kovu.

I Was Right the First Time!

The Dark King

Mufasa-gizer! He keeps falling... and falling.. and falling...

Judgement Day!

"Time"-- a nice poem of Kovu, with a double meaning.

Simba's Pride outtakes, take two!

Did I mention there's more than one way to kill a Mufasa?

How Zira Had her Ear Notched

I'm All Yours.

This is to answer the "Beeper Joke" of Timon's in Simba's Pride.

What if Nala changed Simba's mind instead of Rafiki?

The Successor: a poem.

The Sun's Reflection in his Eyes: Another poem.

He Still Laughs: Yet again, another poem.

The Call. A poem dedicated to those who find love on the internet.

The Rindimo Talk Show!

Priorities First.

My Bad Eye Is My Good Eye. (TLK as a Western)

A Joke to get the Hyena's Laughing!

Nuka's Theme Song-- If he had one.

Kiara's PREGNANT!?!?

The Witness Protection Program!

Zira, Warrior Lioness!! (A spoof on Xena, Warrior Princess)

"Scar's Eyes" : A poem written without my contacts in. ;)

"Living La Cheetah Loca"-- A parody of Ricky Martin's "Living La Vida Loca."

STAR WARPED: THE FELINE MENACE. My 100th Parody. Episode one.

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