Scar, NOT Taka!!

This is an issue I'd like to address rather, well, lightly. I've always seen Scar being called "Taka" and I've hated it. The name sucks and I think anyone who chooses to call him this instead of Scar also sucks. NO WHERE whatsoever in the movie is he referred to with this name. Only in one little book which I happen to own is he called this. And the book, let me tell you, is not much. It makes the African animals look like Barney's Back Yard gang. :P

Being self declared quote "Biggest fan of Scar" (I mean this only in terms of what I've returned to show I like Scar. ie, huge collection with webpage and heart to match.), I think it neccesary to address this issue. Taka, in Swahili and in this little "Six new adventures of TLK" series mean "Want, Rubbish". I've heard theories that adding another words makes it an angelic name. Hmm. I don't see Disney printing that anywhere. ;P

I address anyone who reads this to make sure they think twice when calling Scar by his cubhood name, Taka. To me at least, Scar was the name he took on to forget his cubhood and the pain and suffering he endured during it. Calling him Taka seems like a cruel reminder that he was a ignored cub who had to be content finding his own way to be happy, if he could even achieve that much.

I'm not making some sort of political speech here. All I'm stating is that in calling Scar Taka, it'd be comparable to calling someone with a hideous past who has since changed their name, the name they had when they lived that certain part of their life. I think calling Scar Taka is both cruel and very cliché now. Brown-nose by calling him his real name, not some indicator to his past which he most definitely wanted buried. I'm his biggest fan so I oughta know this. :P Comments on this can be sent to

By the way. For those who take the Six New Adventures series as canon material, Ahadi must be a shape shifter of some sorts because on pages 15 and 17 of the only significant book in the set, Ahadi is described as "He had a long black mane and bright green eyes. It was Ahadi, the lion king." and later on is shown in a picture looking like Mufasa. ;P Whoops! Someone made a big FU there. :) Really reliable stuff you people hold sacred.


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