Fanart Credits

First and foremost, I am pleased to say that I possess one of the largest fanart archives to date. (And the largest Scar fanart archive on the web :) I myself have yet to contribute to it, and this is where I extend my many thanks to each of the artists who have contributed to this page. There's no denying the fact that some have done more than others, and the sections for each of these talented artists I have on my page displays that. I extend a big thanks to Margaret Petrie and Myra Weber; friends I have made over the internet, and friends I hope I may one day meet in real life. :) Again, without these people contributing, this page wouldn't be half as good as it is now. Thanks for everything everyone. You're helping make this one of the best pages on the internet. :)

If you have anything that has any sort of artistic skill in it at all, please mail it to me and it might just have a new home here. :)


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