Scar Sounds Archive

These are some sounds in wav format that I have picked up from various places. I'll add more as I find them.

  1. Scar in the gorge with Simba 192k
  2. Zazu singing to Scar 322k
  3. I despise Guessing games. 59k
  4. I'm surrounded my idiots 33k
  5. Kill him... 15k
  6. A monkey's uncle 122k
  7. You are such a naughty boy! 53k
  8. The truth about life26k
  9. Oh goody...26k
  10. What did you say? I said Mu. Que pasa? 142k
  11. Run.. run away and never return!153k
  12. Sing something with a little.. bounce in it.275k
  13. You have no idea 37k
  14. Simba, it's to die for! 34k
  15. hmm. Now this looks familiar.. 181k


Last updated: Thursday, June 25, 1998
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