Win 95 Animated Start-up Logo
Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the new .SYS file to a temporary directory.
  2. Move (backup) original start-up logo, "LOGO.SYS" from the root directory of your boot drive, usually C:\ to another temporary directory. (If you cannot locate the logo.sys file, goto 'My Computer', click on 'view', select options. Click on the 'view' tab and select the button that says "Show all files" Apply and find logo.sys in your C:/ drive. When you are finished, repeat the steps above and select "Hide files of these types:" .)
  3. Use DOS window or Explorer to copy new logo file to the root directory, renaming the new copy to "LOGO.SYS" Example of DOS command: copy c:\temp_dir\xrxlogo.sys c:\logo.sys
  4. Restart your computer and you're done