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Name:Mike Reynolds
Comments:You have now idea how good it is to see a web page about the only worthwhile character in a Disney movie. To me, Scar is by far the the first, the best and the ONLY one in the entire TLK I actually respect. Thank you for proving to me that there *is* hope for internet! :) Yours Sincerely, Mike Reynolds

Comments:Just checking how your site doing.. Looking great.!

Name:Banzai Bastian
Comments:I like TLK!!! Hey!!! Does anybody know the new lion king sequel??? For those of you who wants to know here's the sequel: SIMBA'S PRIDE. The story is about the daughter of Simba right where the first movie left off.. It's all about new adventures and friends. Could someone please tell me who're the villains in the sequel, Simba's Pride???? Some TLK fan said that the sequel Simba's Pride would suck if Jeremy Irons wasn't doing a voice of any character or villain. What a sore head!!!! I wish he'd stop criticizing this new sequel. So, does anybody know the premiere of Simba's Pride??? Please send me info.. Even though I'm 18 years old, I'm still a DISNEY FANATIC!!!! By the way, GREAT SITE and Uncle Scar is the best villain!!!! Also, who's the REAL owner of this page?? Scar or someone?? Please do tell.

Comments:"It's beautiful!" Scar is one of my favorites too, this is THE Scar page on the net. It's added to my list of links of course...( P.S Keep in mind, this is South-Africa, so the link might be s-l-o-w! Almost as slow as Nalaholics's brainwaves ;) Anyway keep it up!! TLk or should I say SCAR forever!!! TLKSparky

Name:Silvana Garbarini

Comments:Now, dear how -could- I forget about you?:) *See note on what's new? page;)

Comments:you have done THE LION KING proud or is that pride?

Comments:Cool page. Mines at Laters.

Comments:Let's face it, without Scar there would have been no "Lion King"!

Name:Kim Dixon
Comments:Site is fantastic! Homage to our favorite lion! Keep up the great work!

Name:Alisa Morgan
Comments:This is truly the best (and only) page I've ever had the honer of going through. Like yourself, I am another major Scar fan. I adore him because of a certain number of reasons, one of them being that we both think in the exact same way. I'm inthe process of making my own homepage dedicated all about Scar, and I hope to get it up in a few months. Hope you'll visit it when I finally get it done.

Name:Alisa Morgan
Comments:This is truly the best (and only) page I've ever had the honer of going through. Like yourself, I am another major Scar fan. I adore him because of certain personal reasons, one of them being that we both think in the exact same way. I'm inthe process of making my own homepage dedicated all about Scar, and I hope to get it up in a few months. Hope you'll visit it when I finally get it done.

Comments:Did anyone notice that the same animator who graciously brought our beloved Scar to life brutally took the Scar remains and draped it over another one of his creations---Hercules?!

*I* noticed and it's a wierd story behind it. It's listed as what animators commonly call "inside jokes", meaning, if Andreas hadn't animated Hercules, Scar wouldn't have been in there. The cameo appearance is sorta wierd though. Scar's eyes were closed, and then open, suggestive of those old saturday morning cartoons where the bear rug sits on the floor for years then gets up and runs away. He's alive! ;) --site administrator

Comments:Kewl page!! Love the Sotherby's scans and fan art collection! Maybe, if I get a chance one day, I'll send ya some art o' mine :) - Kubo

Comments:I love what you've done! The art pages look great and take a lot less time to load. I am looking forward to new updates everyday! Your page is the best! Keep it up!

Name:sean a. stephens
Comments:Thanks for your page my three year old looks forward viewing every week.

Name:Jim Burgess
Comments:Heya, Glad to see your page is back up again. (-: TOTWPJFS is by far the best Scar page anywhere. Seeya on #scar!

Name:Ron Vereen
Comments:Hello it's me again, I like to say a few things, my keyboard is messing up on me now so this will be a short message, ok. Scar rulez 4 life, Mike is cool, so don't forget that and Start signing this guest book already.

Comments:Hiya, Mike! =) Glad your page is back up! No other Scar fan page can compare to the One and Only Web Page Just for Scar! =)

Comments:I'm soo glad your page is back up! Jeez I've missed it. Are you gonna have a sequal to your story? I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens to Scar!

Comments:Oooo... Nice page. Keep up the good work. I'll be sure to drop on by on occasion.

Comments:Hi Mike. => Good to see the page is back up I missed it. Heh I just relized I have been visiting this page all this time and havent signed the guest book. Your page rocks talk to ya soon!


Name:Lea, the Lioness
Comments:Hey, Mike. I think it's great that Scar has his own web-page. You know, Scar isn't evil. He's just misunderstood. *Scar* was older than Mufasa, therefore, the throne should have gone to *him*! I know. I was there. I met Sar when he and I were a week or so old, and it wasn't until a few days *after* my first meeting with Scar that Mufasa was born. You know how he got that Scar on his eye? He was trying to keep other predators from getting at Mufasa and me when we were walking around. And by the way, Nala isn't really Sarafina's daughter. The truth is, for some reason, Sarafina who is my sister, is unable to ever give birth to any cubs. Whereas I was unable to nurse cubs at that time. Therefore, I gave Nala to Sarafina to take care of as her own daughter. The first lioness Nala saw when her eyes first opened was Sarafina, so Nala thought Sarafina was her mom, and I thought 'What the heck' (simply put)! Scar is Nala's father. He is also the father of Kovu, whom by the burth of, I *was* able to nurse. I will tell you all of what happens including what really happened during that movie called The Lion King, and the truth I will tell contradicts much of the distorted events in that movie.

Name:K. Bouchard

Name:Rob Pemberton
Comments:This site is prety cool. Never seen anything quite like it. Got the movie, got the soundtrack. I think I about have track three pretty much worn out on the CD. But what can I say? It's a good song. Great Job! PS There is an actuall site called hell? That's pretty cool. Now I can tell people to go there, literally!

Name:Paul F. Ginnetty Jr
Comments:Wow! What a great site! It's about time that someone aknowleged Andreas Deja's finest creations. Scar is the most evil of all of the Disney Villians and deserves such a site. Good job, and thank you for chance to view it.

Name:Alisa Morgan
Comments:This has got to be the COOLEST page that I have EVER seen! Like you, I am also a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Scar fan. I think he is the greatest character of all the Disney movies ever made. I've just learned html and am going to soon be making my own page dedicated to Scar, and another page about all the other Disney villins. Well, please write back to me, bye! Alisa :) SCAR! SCAR! SCAR!

Comments:MAN, this is one heck of a web site! I'm a bad guy fanatic like you. I like all the cool bad guys of animated movies. The top three I like the most are Scar, Steele (from Balto), and Jafar from Aladdin. I think Jafar did his better performance in the first movie. But the best one is of course, Scar! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!=)

Comments:MAN, this is one heck of a web site! I'm a bad guy fanatic like you. I like all the cool bad guys of animated movies. The top three I like the most are Scar, Steele (from Balto), and Jafar from Aladdin. I think Jafar did his better performance in the first movie. But the best one is of course, Scar! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!=)

Name:Shadow fox
Comments:Great art my copliments to the artists. This site is one of the beter tlk sites I've seen!

Comments:AAAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!.....oops sorry, I alwase get a little to exited when I go to this page. Well can you blame me? I mean this page is just sooooooooooooo Boss!, it's Da Bomb. it's the mother of all that is cool!!

Name:Vicky Pellerin
Comments:Hey I really enjoy what you have done with your page I am a big fan of the lion king, espacially scar. I would never thought that someone would make a page of scar. But hey nice work. I hope that when the lion king part 2 comes out scar will be in the movie, or else it would not be the same without him. The movie would suck.. I am also a big fans of Jeremy Irons. Excellent page. I have tried to make my own page of the lion king, its mostly pictures of scar if you want to visit my own web page is:

Comments:I must agree, Scar is the best there is. You have a great page here, especially the fan fic section! Keep up the good work.

Name:Rich Blackford
Comments:Scar is the greatest Disney character ever created-I like you have a small shrine to Scar and have picked up every toy and item I can get my hands on. After all he is the rightful king

Name:Myra Weber
Comments:Hey, Mike! I finally decided to sign this guestbook. I love the Scar fan art section...specially Myra Weber's art. She's so good ;-) well, see ya....

Name:Alllison J. N.
Comments:This page is totally awesome. I love your comment about going to h*##.

Name:Kate (deep down inside, i'm really a cheetaholic, but what the hey :))
Comments:Whoah! And you say you're just learning HTML?? This place is incredible!! As the hyenas put it so well: LONG LIVE THE KING!! LONG LIVE THE KING!! :)

Comments:hi, ya know i feel so blessed. i have a scar in the EXACT same position as Taka!!!!!! INCOSI AKA GREAT KING, MAY AIHEU BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU ALWAYS!!

Name:Rafelito Montalvo
Comments: Your page is great, wonderfull, simply the best! Scar is my favorite character of all Disney's movies. I'm so surprise, that there are a lot of people with an extremely good taste as mine. Congratulations!

Name:Meaghan Edwards
Comments:Jeremy Irons is 49 today, as he was born on September 19th, 1948. I hope he reads this...

Comments:Hi! I'm Myra's cousin. She speaks very highly of you. I think you're nice. Scar is cool. I know you love him...he's cute. Your home page is very cool. Great job. Well, see ya.

Name:Jim Burgess
Comments:Hi Mike, I just realized that I never signed this guestbook. I decided to make up for this (after saying 5,000 Hail Takas first of course (-:. ) and sign it now. This is by far the best Scar web page I have ever seen. Like a lot of people who have been here, I don't sign guest books that often, but I HAD to sign this one. I'm glad I got to know you and remember: Scar is not dead; he lives in you. Hail Scar, The One True King!!!

Name:Corinne Smith
Comments:This is a fantastic page! The Lion King is my absolute favorite movie of all time and Scar RULES! One question...are you looking for more stories? I'm thinking of writing some. E-mail me! And anyone who's a big fan of TLK can e-mail me too!

Name:Amber Morgan
Comments:Heh Heh Yeah your right Scar *is* the best ever!No one can be better than Scar.Great Web page too.

Comments:I LOVE your page. So dedicated to Scar. It's wonderful. Don't ever, ever change it. I love it!!!

Comments:You like Scar? I guess I kinda like him to. I like the characters outta any movie that are whorshiped... *How do you feel Scar?*

Comments:About your page... "Forgive me if I don't leap for joy... bad back, you know..." Just kidding, this is a major kick-ass page dedicated the best character in the best Disney animated flick ever. "LONG LIVE THE (true) KING!"

Name:Kurabi [King of the Kumbate Coalition]
Comments:Hi- My name is Kurabi -The infamous Lion of Death! I am the King of the Kumbate Coalition. We reside west of the pridelands in the Kumbate Mountains. I was just passing through the pridelands, when I happened to come across this website! I must say I was overcome with grief when I learned of Scar's death! You see When I was a cub, I lived peacefully in the savanna. My parents King Maasi was killed by a leader of a pack of Rogue Cheetah's determined to take over our land. My mother Queen Amisha was driven off i by the Cheetahs and I was separated in the commotion Luckily I found my way to Pride Rock and Ahadi. Scar and Mufasa were cubs then as was I. Ahadi adopted me and I lived there happily. Till one day I decided to find my true destiny. I was an adolescent lion when I set out on that journey, the last time I was to see my brothers again. Well I have happened upon this glorious website and was shocked to learn of Scar's Death! I have passed through the savanna many times and met Scar's son, Kisasian a few times, but he never mentioned it to me. I don't spend too much time in the pridelands on my way to visit Shere Kahn to the North. You see lately Simba has been a little nervous around me. He thinks I am sinister. Well He's right! HAH! Simba! Your time is running out! You will pay for killing my brother Scar! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!...... You will know the name Kurabi! Simba! You will learn my name Well! If I haven't frightened you away by now Visit my Lair- Kurabi's LAir-->

Name:David J
Comments:Nice page i read the four part fanfic and it kept me glued to the screen for three hours, It was good Im not sure but i think you have forgotten to put your E-mail on your page, Other than that its a very good page

Name:Dave Holt
Comments:Ssssimply a wonderful site!



Comments:Hihi Micheal! Stay off the Undernet! ;)

Comments:Okay.. Hi Scar BUDDIE! Sup sup sup?? Coolie page, I especially like the part with Scar in it <; Bleeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Heehee.. have fun. Toodles!

Comments:Boy I thought I was the only one that liked Scar no loved scar ha get a hold of me and well chat.

Comments:HI Scar! Great page!!

Name:Lioness X
Comments:I LOVE your page, it is so unique! (not to mention scar is my favourite character in the lion king!) anyway, im a fellow webring member and Im just asking if you would like to take a look at my homepage, not many people go to it (the counter is broken, so Im not sure) and I worked really hard on a bunch of pets for my lion king pet shop, and no one is taking them! I just assume that no one goes to my page, so could you visit it, sign my guestbook, and mabye adopt one of my pets? thanks! Lioness X I have a scar pet that might intrest you! My page is at

Name:Chris Morrell
Comments:If anyone out there reads this and has the same love for disney villians like Scar like I do, Then please e-mail me. One more thing: Andreas Deja, Scar's animator, is going out with my sister!

Name:Pascal Kranich
Comments:Your site is simply GREAT, Mike. It's THE Scar Page done by THE Scar Fan. I've been following the development of your page for almost half a year now, and I still visit your page almost every day. It's simply the reference page for a Scar fan. I love Scar too (for many reasons); but what YOU experienced in life with him surpasses everything, I bet. Keep up the good work, it's TERRIFIC.

Name:Piotr Walaszek (Tygrysek)
Comments:I'am from Poland. I'am no english :'(. Love Scar & Liom King !!! :)))

Name:Ron Vereen
Comments:HEHEHE:-) First time for everything I guess. First time to ever sign a guest over a year or more on the internet. Scar Rules Forever. Long live Scar!

Name:Joshua Wells
Comments:Hey Scar, nifty page... At least your guestbook is Lynx friendly. :)

Name:Emma Oxenby
Comments:LOOOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!! Scar... eh, Taka, is my FAVORITE Character in TLK!!!!! Great page! Really to his advantage! TAKA II


Name:Alicia Miller
Comments:Hey, hey hey. Scars the man. I have over 63 pics on him. He's alot like me... positively primevil. I've been workin' on my laugh. Right now I sound like Cruella de Ville with Roseanne. Ha!

Name:Eric Torres
Comments:my mommy is writing this for me i'm only 2.5 yrs old! The Lion King is my favorite!!!!!!! I have seen the movie at least 300 times! I even named my kitty Simba I wanted to name her Scar but mommy said no!

Comments:Hehe, look at this..I'm actually signing a guestbook! I HAD to sign your. =) I love this page so much. It truly is the ONLY Scar page. I stop by here all the time, visiting every section, looking through all the pictures, reading everythign there is to read. I have all the pics and movies on my "Just for Scar" disks. =) Each time I come by, I seem to like Scar (and your page) more and more. The first time I came here, I was surprised to see there was Scar, and only Scar. No Nala, no Simba.... and no "Scar is a hunk!" ;) I greatly commend you on this marvelous page!

Name:Ashley Holmen
Comments:I love your pictures.

Name:Myra Sam
Comments:Way to go, Mike. Great stuff. How come I never thought about making a Scar page?

Comments:Wow! Nice page! I can' say I'm a huge fan of Scar but he's pretty kewl anyway. Uh, nothing really intelligent left to say, just keep up the good work (and watch for TLK sequel. It's gonna be called Simba's Pride and it has something to do with Simba's daughter falling for Scar's son. Interestin huh...

Name:Elaine Duncan
Comments:Heya! I LOVE Scar too! I am also a BIG Sarafina fan, People say that Sarafina and Scar had Nala, hmm.. interesting..I writing something about Scar, Can't think of a title.. Good Luck! Elaine

Comments:Cool HomePage. I always liked villians! :-)

Name:Kim Dionne
Comments:I absollutely LOVE this Scar page!!!! Scar is no doubt Disney's BEST villain!! When I first saw TLK, I thought Scar was mean and cruel, but when I read the fanfics and read this page, I've come to realize that Scar is just a misunderstood lion. He is my favorite character in The Lion King above Timon and Ed! Well, Hakuna Matata! TLKiaWOL TLKitGWoA!!!!(The Lion King is the greatest wonder of all)

Comments:I love your web site. Although I'm not a very big fan of Scar's, I think he was one of the best characters. I hope you have good luck with your web page.

Name:Tiffany Shannon Hill
Comments:This place looks AWESOME! Now, I'm not much of a Scar fan, no offence to Scar, but I absotivley posolutly LOVE living dangerously! And because of that, I'll take my time and chances with Scar's Home Page, and see just what is what! Out of all the Disney villans, none is more or equally treatcherous as Scar! (That was a compliment to him). He's my favorite Disney villan! Check ya later! Tiffany

Comments:why this page it's so goood. It's about time Scar deserve his own page. I'm suprised nobody did one sonner! Well, see on the Web

Comments:Great page. Scar is my mentor, and I love what you have done with the page, but "forgive me for not leaping for joy, bad back you know." :)

Comments:Scar is funny. The song "Be Prepared" is probably my favorite LK song.

Name:Adam Whitten
Comments:Wow this is a really cool page. I think its awsome that you devoted a whole page to something you like. Good job. #1 Pumbaa fan

Name:Kurabi-Lion Of Death
Comments:As a member of the Kumbate Coalition, I helped the Son of Scar i his quest to overthrow King Simba from Pride Rock and Avenge his father's death. Scar will Forever Roam the Pridelands. He is shining Down upon us with a bright Light. The Spirit Of Scar Will Never Die. LONG LIVE THE KING! HAIL SCAR!!! HAIL SCAR!!! HAIL SCAR!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat Site MIKE!!! :) Keep Up the Good Work!!! Want another Page dedicated to Scar check out [Sorry mike there are some Nala pics too- I just couldn't resist!] ;)

Email:Tom Strough@ world
Comments:WOW!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best Scar page ever!!! Im impresed!!

Comments:Scars the man ... or uh lion.

Name:Warner Jones
Comments:Hello everybody! I am a Big Scar Fan. Infact I rufuse to believe he died at the end of the Movie. Scar lives. I believe he is the ALL TIME GREATEST VILLIAN that Disney will ever create! If anybody wants to comment on anything I have written here please e-mail me. BY THE WAY GREAT PAGE!

Comments:...a great page for those of us who know for certain that Scar's /the/ hunk lion of the Pride Lands!

Name:Allison Lanager
Comments: I'm a major fan of scar so this is my little haven. I have the pages bookmarked and everything!!! I just wanted to say--this page rocks!!!!!!!!!!1

Name:Stacey Skeper
Comments:Thank you for finally having a page just for Scar!!! Its nice to see just him and not the others. I was beginning to think that no one else liked him. I look forward to talking to you soon!! stacey

Comments:hey your web page is great ive been looking for some scar pics for along time thanks alot. keep up the good work.

Name:Stanley D. Lion
Comments: Alright, a web page dedicated to Scar, IMHO Disney's best villain, from Disney's best animated movie. Honestly I like Scar & Simba equally...but an awesome villian makes the movie. "Be prepared..."

Comments:YOU HAVE NO IDEA how happy I was to find others who believe Scar is the best and coolest villain Disney has ever had! I think that Jeremy Irons gave him a suave, Shakespearean sophistication, and maybe that is what really makes Scar so appealing. Anyway, great page! Keep it up! "Long live the king..."

Comments:Hey, me again. I just got your e-mail, and ummm... well, abou t gettin' some of my fan art on here, I don't have a scanner, and niether does this one (I'm using my grandparents' computer,the modem on my computer isn't quite hooked up:( )so I guess I'd have to 'snail-mail' any pics to ya. And about what you said about gettin the TLK conformist or whatever to like you, say you REALLY like simba or something. Well, if people don't like Scar, I guess that's their choice, but that doesn't mean thay have to put down people who do. I have two friends who also like Scar, and I'm getting all my others interested too. As soon as I DO get a scanner, you can be garuanteed that I'll have my own web-page...I'll be sure to let you know when it's up. Try to e-mail me your adderess or some sort of alternative to scanning and e-mailing you fanart, that's about all for now (it may take a while before you get a response, don't forget I'm using my Grampa's computer:O ) m2484-call me Meghan

Comments:Scar rocks. They should make a Lion King 2, about Scar (as you put it, The Unsung Hero). I have a lion friend, and he likes Scar. Yes, he knows what "horrible things" Scar did, but as he said: SO!!!?! Everyone's got sins. If ya can, try to write me back or somethin'. Maybe I can get some of my fan-art on here....

Name:Lillie Bacon
Comments:Ahhh,...Scar. There is not much to say about him except: So prepared for the chance of the life time be prepared for sensational news a shining new era is tiptoeing nearer!!! And there Scar will be, on top of it all. Hail, oh Mighty One! Lillie

Name:Senajit(Kevin Gentry)
Comments:Just passing through on my way to a Nala page.:) Looks like you got a nice shrine here. Hope it does well. Member FCOS:Altar Cub,Cleaner of Nala's claws

Name:NDege (Damon Wolff)
Comments:Great page!! We like TLK for different reasons, but I believe I see where you're coming from. Keep up the good work!

Comments:WOOF!!!!! I'm a cape hunting dog... Nice page-o Adios! Maka

Comments:G'day Michael, Great to see the page back! Scar Rules! My loser conformist Simba/Nala loving don't take me for walks owner Tzu-Pei Chen also says hi, but ignore him, he's just a dumb human. :) Huba

Comments:Simba-a dope fiend, Nala-a whore, Mufasa-an enemy of folk, Rafinki-a freak, Zazu-an alcoholic, Timon-a skeleton, Pumbaa-a vermin! All goon, except Scar. Only it one normal. Who with me it is agree

Comments:Regard fans! My name Dalkoy. I am a Scar's admirer. Write me here.

Name:dominique smith
Comments:I really enjoy your Lion King hom page. This is especially neat. All tha Disney movies are wonderful and creative. The Lion King is one of my favorites! I hope you ( the Disney Co) keep making the wonderful movies you have been making.

Name:Stephen Y.
Comments:Great Job! At last, justice to the TRUE Disney heroes! After all, they do all that hard work so the good guys can win, and they never get appreciated for it!

Comments:Tundra here. Major Scar fan. I'm Meaghan Edwards' pet. I am a Japanese Akita/Siberian Husky/Artic wolf cross. So Jeremy Irons wuz here? Cool! Wait `till I tell me owner! Yes, I am the crazy kid's pet. Great homepage, Mikey boy!

Name:Gruffi "Scott"
Comments:Heyas Scar..just stoppin by to say hi and look a t the new and improved Scar page. HTML is definately you..:)..well..gotta get going see ya later and have fun..;) See ya on IRC, too!! Gruffi

Name:Meaghan Edwards
Comments:It's great to have you back, Mike. I was worried for days about your homepage. I guess my prayers havbe been answered...

Name:Joseph Toscano
Comments:Rejoice! Mike is back! ;) It's really good to see you back, Mike. I understand completely... us Scar fans won't leave you Mike! :) You've got a friend in us!

Comments:Whoo Hoo!!! Great to have you back Scar *HUG* The web's not the same witout your face:)

Name:Uncle Scar :)
Comments:Hey good to see the site up and running Michael. Good luck! see another Scar page at:

Comments:Hi Scar!
WOW! FRAMES! Cool! You've been busy. :)
Keep up the good work!
Busa Sim ... er um ... *cringes as scarfans look her way* Um er .. I mean ... TLKiaWOL! *smile* *wink*

- Nala

Name:Jason Blatchford
Comments:Great page for the greatest of all Lions. "Scar"

Name:Jeremy Irons
Comments:The most wonderful man who made Scar come to life is ME!!! JEREMY IRONS!!! Great homepage, Mike. Maybe you should put in a Jeremy Irons section in your homepage (tsk*tks*) keep up the tremendous work!

Name:Kese(aka margaret)
Comments:Hi, yeah I'd like a large order of fries, a chocolate shake and a hot appl....*huh, what? a guestbook?* Uh, sorry nevermind....

Comments:scar iz cool, foxes iz cool... must have more TLK and fan fic! what should i do with it all?

Name:Meaghan Edwards
Comments:YOUR HOMEPAGE IS FANTASTIC! I LOVE SCAR! I just can't wait to the Scar Quicktimes are up and running! At last, a page dedicated to the most humble lion in the pride. Keep up the great work!

Name:Roger van der Wal
Comments:Looking good! I hope someone will devote his/her time to Zazu someday, just like you did here! :)

Comments:Mike, Been following your page for months & keeps getting better. Its best I have seen. Good luck

Name:Brad Willis
Comments:Cool page Scar! I really do think it's a great site! Scar's still my second favorite TLK character though.

Name:Jeroen "Unicorn" van den Berg
Comments:If there's one lion that deserves his own page, it must be Taka (not Scar, no, Taka :). Gotta go now, gotta tell Jurik (a big Scar fan) about this site! Adieu!

Comments:Mike, Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do with my drawings. I am glad you like them! Thanks for everything, FRIEND! Rocio :)

Name:Shaun Daugherty
Comments:Quite nice... =)

Name:Joseph Toscano
Comments:Mike, _great_ page! It's hard to find a page dedicated to such a great thing as SCAR! I love this page! It's got everything! Keep up the good work!

Name:Simba III Van Trotslanden
Comments:Well, its working! Good luck with ya page. Dont get out of diskspace ;) Simba III

Name:Jaime "Dodger" Chan
Comments:Hey cool page, "Scar!" You should win an award! No really! Sorry guy, but I still love Ed the best! Still, this page is cool! Now sign my guestbook!

Name:Joshua Wells
Comments:BOYYEE!! I feel so honoured to be a guest of your homepage. :) So, like, where's the food, I'm hungry! :)

Name:Amy Guranovich
Comments:Mike....I am so glad there is finally a page dedicated to Scar. I love your page and I love Scar but I could never love them as much as I love you. This page captures the eye but you captured my heart.

Name:Ilan Steemers
Comments:Enjoy your guestbook scar!!!

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