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This is my meager collection of fan fiction based strictly, or loosely around Scar. My own is here too, and galliently displayed first. :)
Diana Kellogg did this after reading my fanfic and after seeing it for the first time, I was at a loss of words. I have to admit, it touched me deeply and It's now the Official opening graphic for my fanfic.

Scar the Unsung Hero

This is definitely a new fanfic, at least now it is. The first release was rushed and the editing process I had done was no more than a spell check. I've combed over every word now, polishing what I thought needed polishing, and removing and adding what I deemed appropriate. It's still not perfect I admit, but it's a lot better than what I had released previously. :)

The formats

MSWrite 6.0 ZIPped 310k ZIPped,MSWork 4.0 for Win 95 ZIPped 313k , Rich Text version 308K ZIPped *note* I originally wrote this in MSWorks.

The Bastard Son

This is a short story I did when bored one day. It's not really perfect but I did run spell check on it. ;) Any feedback would be nice. :)

The formats

MSWrite 6.0

Rocio Orozco's Mufasa and Scar: The Broken Legacy

I'm hoping I'm one of the primary archives for this, because frankly, this is one hell of a fanfic. I just finished reading it and truthfully, it made me cry. (Note: Making me cry is like the proverbial saying "Waiting til the cows come home.") So please, PLEASE read this. You won't be sorry.
  • Mufasa and Scar: The Broken Legacy ZIPped and in MSWord format.

    This is something written by someone I only know as Iggan. She sent me this small, more or less an essay and I think fits in perfectly here. Read Ruminations and tell me if it's not one of the finest things you've seen written about Scar.


    Something I had to write for my 101 level english class, this little essay was read over by fellow classmates and revised twice. It's a DOC file so everyone should be able to view it. (If not, sorry. :)


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