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DateWhat happened on that date.
Friday, October 03, 2003Wow. Almost a year... New piece of fanart added. Requests for redesign help have gone answered finally (I think. :)
Sunday, October 06, 2002Added a new artist, Thomas Sommerfeld. Check out his art by clicking on his page from the main fanart page.
Sunday, May 26, 2002No noticeable updates, just got rid of a bunch of junk that really served no purpose. (dead webring stuff, no more gaudy javaclock) Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven't gotten any fanart submissions lately, and I've got my paws full with a new full time job. I've been trying to revamp the layout of this page, but really can't afford the time to do it anymore. It was nice being 15, sleeping until 2pm, and staying up until 3am when I first started this page, giving me all the time in the world to learn html, but that was quite a while ago. Anyone out there want to help me out in "updating" the layout? If so, find my e-mail somewhere on the site and we'll talk.. I know this site is dated :P
Tuesday, October 16, 2001No updates per se, but just wanted to let everyone know I still update this page, or plan to. Personal life has been pretty busy lately, with getting college finished, and finding a real job. Check back often, as I'll update when I get a chance to. And anyone who would like to see their fanart up here, send it in. Gotta have stuff to update with. :)
Saturday, August 18, 2001Added 7 new fanart images by The Tigress, and put it on her own page.
Monday, June 25, 2001Added 3 new fanart images to the first fanart page.
Wednesday, March 07, 2001Removed all fanart by Myra Weber per her request.
Sunday, February 04, 2001Added 3 new laserdisc screengrabs. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Not much material to update with, and little time to update.
Saturday, December 23, 2000An update. Good lord. Added 5 new LD screengrabs. Changed some html, nothing visible. Sorry for the gap in updates. There's just not much to update with nowadays..
Thursday, April 27, 2000Not much. Updated 'About me' page. Removed some ridiculous and vulgar guestbook entries.
Saturday, January 15, 2000Changed the background. Added new fanart by Kwik and split up the sections.
Thursday, January 13, 2000Changed the webring graphic a little.
Saturday, December 18, 1999Modified a page a little. Two bits to the person who can spot which one!*
Monday, November 29, 1999Added a banner at the bottom of the main page for Alladvantage. Click on it and signup. Earn money to be on the net. (Use me as a referral GCJ - 521 and e-mail me at Scar@lionking.org for info on how to literally make money while you sleep. No joke)
Tuesday, November 23, 1999Nothing added, just deleted. No more art from ( 'dat Skanky slut) Diana Kellogg. It's gone.
Wednesday, October 20, 1999Added a new fanart picture to the fanart page by Jenny Cunningham.
Wednesday, September 15, 1999Added one new fanart pic to Margaret's and Blair's pages.
Saturday, July 31, 1999Added two new fanart pics by Blair Bernard.
Saturday, June 05, 1999Added 6 new laserdisc screengrabs. Really cool looking imo.
Friday, May 14, 1999Re-added the site to the Lion King Webring. Thanks a bunch to the moron who somehow accumulated my last site ID :P
Saturday, May 08, 1999Revised my about me page a little. Added 14 new screengrabs taken off the Lion King laserdisc. New section is listed in the screengrabs section. Feedback welcome.
Wednesday, March 31, 1999Changed my about me page. Updated it.
Friday, March 19, 1999Major change to the bar. Saves on load time, and it's, interesting to look at. Moved my little rant to it's own page.
Thursday, March 18, 1999Added some stuff to the misc page. Scans and some cute stuff. Renamed the "Whatsnew.html" page to updates.shtml. Bookmark that if you bookmarked the old filename. Nothing much other than that. I'm trying to keep the site alive.
Friday, February 26, 1999Dropped a link. Added a new link rating on the main page.
Saturday, February 20, 1999Added two new links.
Monday, February 15, 1999New fanart contributor. Blair Bernard with some really awesome stylistic approaches to drawing Scar. Gave her her own page to save load time. :) Got rid of the mp3's I had.
Wednesday, February 03, 1999Added a new piece of fanart.
Sunday, January 31, 1999Got rid of a dead link. Nothing much.
Tuesday, January 26, 1999Added a new piece of fanart.
Sunday, January 24, 1999Found out who did the sculptures I put pictures up of in my fanart section a while ago.
Saturday, January 09, 1999Added four new fanart pictures of some clay sculptures by a mystery person.
Friday, January 08, 1999Deleted the Link Exchange banner on my main page and Disney Banner exchange on the links page. Both worthless.
Sunday, December 06, 1998Thanks to Margaret, there's a new image of Scar on the main page. Thanks Margaret. :)
Friday, December 04, 1998Well well well. I finally moved to a decent and reliable server. :D This page should be here quite a while as I think the server is pretty much permanent. ;) Anywho, so many updates I can't list them. Main page changed, changed the guestbook and lots of other stuff.
Sunday, November 01, 1998Well, what can I say... The server this page is on has been down for over two months, meaning no updates, and at times, no page at all. The FTP server is still down and the server on it's last legs, so everyone just cross their fingers. BTW, changed page layout.
Monday, August 31, 1998Added a little quoty thingy to the main page. It'll change every month effective September 1st, 1998
Monday, August 24, 1998Tried fixing the fanart page but due to damn server errors, It's somewhat offline ;P Added a new link. Go find it. :)
Friday, July 31, 1998Added 10 new pictures Diana drew. You go find em. I'm sick of telling exactly where they are. ;)
Tuesday, July 28, 1998Joined the Disney Villains Webring. Although Scar shouldn't be in here, it should generate more hits nonetheless. :)
Tuesday, July 21, 1998Got rid of the Cyberthrill casino ripoff banner.
Thursday, July 09, 1998Added three new pics of Scar Diana did to her archives, and 3 White Wolf and Scar pics.
Thursday, July 02, 1998Took a bunch of links off and added a button Diana made for my Steele page.
Monday, June 29, 1998Added three new pics to Diana's fanart archive and one new pic to Margaret's fanart page.
Sunday, June 28, 1998Added a link to my Ziraholic page on the links page. "Who is Zira and why have I, a faithfully devout Scar fan made a page for some lion other than Scar?!" you ask? Well well. Take a look at this beauty and you'll see. ;D
Thursday, June 25, 1998Forgot to mention Myra's fanart page has been redone. Today, I put up my new background, moved a bunch of pages, and fixed the html in ooold sections that I did. Hehe. Even change the font color. :)
Thursday, June 18, 1998Re-did Margaret's fanart section. :)
Friday, June 12, 1998Successfully restructured Diana's entire fanart archive. Nothing noticeable but over 3 hours of work on my part. NOTICE: This page is under SERIOUS renovations. If you find something that doesn't work, PLEASE let me know about it.
Monday, June 08, 1998FINALLY got some webcam software and use my moms camcorder as my own Wacky Webcam. :D The link is on the main page but be warned! I'm a crazy fool, as I'm sure lots of people will see firsthand. ;)
Friday, June 05, 1998 The first part in a massive facelift I'm giving this page is underway. Totally redid the screengrab/image section with my own screengrabs. Deleted the old ones and put in new ones in (what I hope) will be a much cleaner file system. :)
June 2, 1998 Got rid of that annoying huge animated gif to advertise my page. Added some money making links. :)
May 26, 1998 Added six new pics of Diana's (what a surprise). Added two pics to her 12th archive of Scar alone and four of Scar and White Wolf! :D These are cuter than all of the cub Simba and Nala pics put together. ;)
May 21, 1998 Updated a link on the links page and updated my about me page. "Aren't I so faboolus?" :)
May 16, 1998 Added six pics of Diana's and two of Margaret's. One of Diana's is on the White Wolf and Scar page. ;) Removed the Simba's Pride images.
May 11, 1998 Added a few of what I guess would be counted as exclusive screengrabs I did off the Simba's Pride trailor. After getting more hits in an hour than I've ever gotten in 3 days, I promptly did more of something not orange, black nosed, and cute. *gasp* Don't worry though. They're temporary. :)
May 6, 1998 Added a quick pic Margaret sent me. Added two pics Diana did; one funny, the other really cute. :)
May 3, 1998 Added another pic of White Wolf and Scar to Diana's sub page. This time with a little more of a affectionate sweetness to it. :)
May 1, 1998 Got rid of the Sect of Scar. Poor planning on my part and no apparent interest from anyone killed it. Added three new pics to the fanart page, two by Chandra Odom and one by Makomos. Added one pic of Scar and WhiteWolf to Diana's little sub page and one other pic of Scar she did to her fanart archive.
April 28, 1998 Added a short story I wrote entitled The Bastard Son. Eh, tell me what ya think. Tomorrow's my birfday so don't be harsh. ;)
April 26, 1998 Added Victoria Glass a fanart page for all her pics. Added lots to it also. :) Added a pic to the main fanart page and added one cute pic Diana did. :D
April 16, 1998 Added a new page about the whole concept of calling our lion Scar, the namesake Taka.
April 14, 1998 Added two new pics of Diana's and messed around with her archives. Took all the White Wolf and Scar pics and put them on a separate cute page. The latest pic to these kicks ass. :)
April 12, 1998 Added a new pic Diana did of me and Scar, and 3 new pics to Myra's section.
April 6, 1998 Added two new pics Danny Palic did to the fanart section. Hehe. Go take a looksie :)
April 5, 1998 Heeyyo! Back in 'bidness with three new pics by Diana. She also seems to share the "Scar paw fetish" I have. :)
March 31, 1998 Added two pics to Diana's fanart archive. Added a link to my new other page too. ;)
March 30, 1998 Added an intro and explanation as why to Diana makes such cute pictures of Scar. She wrote it herself. :>
March 29, 1998 Added three new pics to Diana's fanart page and another archive. Aww. Scar is the sweetest lil kitty. ;>
March 25, 1998 Added another one of those too cute pics of White Wolf and Scar. ;)
March 21, 1998 Added three new pics to Diana's eleventh archive.
March 18, 1998 Added four new pencil pics to Diana's sketch pages and added three new pics that Victoria Glass sent. Check em out. :)
March 17, 1998 Added four new fanart pics to Diana's page(s).
March 15, 1998 Added a new fanart pic to the regular fanart page. Done by Danny Palic :)
March 14, 1998 Added a new sketch to Di's page.
March 7, 1998 Aie Carumba! Got flooded with more fanart from Diana again. :) I think this is the all time most number of pics. Ten new pics with another archive for em. Go check it out. :)
March 2, 1998 Another what I'll say cute pic of Scar added to Margaret's archive. Changed the fanart frame window icon because I'm trying to get this ASP html crap working. :P A flood of art from Diana as well. Four pics added to her archive as well as a new sketch added. Removed a dead link to a now defunct Andreas Deja page ;P
February 27, 1998 Woo! Two kewlie pics from Margaret added. :)
February 25, 1998 Made the thumbnails buttons on the frame window bar more spiffy and cool looking. Split the guestbook up since it was well over 50k. Three more of Diana's pics added. :D
February 24, 1998 Three new piccies added to Diana's archive. Go lookit. :)
February 22, 1998 Lots of stuff added today. A scan of a jacket Margaret made added to her archive. Tré cool. :) Rocio is alive with her drawings and has both a funny new drawing up and a collage that I scanned for her. Added two more cute White Wolf and Scar pics to Diana's tenth archive. I think these are adorable. :)
February 18, 1998 Fanart Archive redesigned off of the beta testing with Diana's archive. Added two old pics of my very Scar room to the misc section. Added a new MP3 and took two out. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Look at the lyrics and it's a perfect Scar song. Added a small picture page to the "about me" page.
February 17, 1998 Whoa. Added a new pic sent by Lauren Clark to her fanart page, rearranged the fanart section to cope and account after Diana's massive amount of awesome fanart, and changed the thumbnail for the frame window fanart button. Oh yeah, I also added 4 new pics of Di's and gave her another archive. :)
February 16, 1998 Added a little personal note about Diana on her fanart page. Click on her name to see it. Six more cute pics of Scar added to Diana's fanart archive. Half of em "White Wolf and Scar" pics. =)
February 9, 1998 Backgrounds changed around. Let me know what you think, even though I think that blue background hasta go. ;P
February 8, 1998 True to her love of Scar himself, ten new Scar pics along with a new image archive added for Diana. Three sketches and seven pics total.
February 7, 1998 Added a new link to Myra's Cub Taka page.
February 6, 1998 Cute lil cub Scars by Myra added. Just two though. Hey. I'm not tired of these anymore. :)
February 4, 1998 Two new pics by Margaret. Hehe. She didn't forget about me. (Cue U2 music :)
February 3, 1998 A new sketch added to Diana's lil sketch page. Aww. I really like these. ;)
February 2, 1998 Seven new pics added to Diana's sketch page. Some penciled pics of WhiteWolf and Scar in there. :D
January 28, 1998 Eleven new colored pics by Diana. All cute lil pics of Scar of course. What're we gonna do with her? ;)
January 21, 1998 Two more pics of Di's added and a new section for all her little doodles. Nothing much but houses what most of us would toil away hours trying to do.
January 19, 1998 Nine more awesome pics added to Diana's section plus an eighth archive to house it all. Man I love her. ;)
January 16, 1998 Another pic in the WhiteWolf/Scar series added to Di's fanart page. Come on IRC and maybe these'd make more sense. =)
January 14, 1998 Another pic in what I'll just call the WhiteWolf/Scar series added to Di's fanart page. ;) Four big Scar's added to Myra's page. She can draw him other than a cub! :D
January 13, 1998 Another fanart day. New pic added to the main fanart page, two new pics added to Lauren Clark's page, and three new pics added to Diana's pages; two of which I'll smile and grin about until I'm old and feeble. ;>
January 11, 1998 Subscribed to Linkexchange, Disney Banner Exchange, and Showstat. I want more hits! :D
January 10, 1998 Added thirteen new pics by Myra and a new section to house most of them. Cute lil cubs. Added two new pics by Margaret and four new ones by Diana. Whew. Gotta love these gals. ;)
January 9, 1998 Added a new pic to Margaret's fanart section. One of the best "canon" pieces of Scar I've seen might I add. :) Added a new MP3 to the MPEG3 page. Nine new pics of Diana's and a new fanart section for her also added. These pics kick some serious ass! :D
January 8, 1998 Added three new pics of Diana's. Surge . The official Scar softdrink. :)
January 6, 1998 Added two new pics of Diana's. Guestbook and counter are offline due to a reinstallation of the servers OS.
January 4, 1998 Margaret is starting to produce some really neat pics. One of em just was added into her fourth fanart section. Redid Myra's fanart section.
January 3, 1998 Added a forth archive for Margaret, and two new pics to her Section; one which I think kicks some serious butt. :D
January 1, 1998 Happy new year! I jumped the gun on dates here, but technically, it's already new years. (At least where the Cytag is :) I totally redid the pictures section in tables with the standard "four row, four column" format. Man. It's nice looking. Added 7 new pictures to the Pictures section also.
December 30, 1997 Added two things to the misc section.
December 29, 1997 Added seven new fanart pieces of Diana's, added another archive for it all, changed her pic on her small bio/fanart page, and another piece of fanart added in the regular fanart section.
December 24, 1997 Added an english version of Nedstat to moniter all these wierdos who visit this page. ;) Happy Holidays!
December 17, 1997 Added two new pieces of fanart to Margaret's archives.
December 15, 1997 I'm really cracking down on trying to make these fanart pages load faster. All the major artists with more than one page have had their fanart pages reformatted to make each load a little faster. Added seven of Diana's pics. :)
December 14, 1997 Removed a bad link from the links page.
December 12, 1997 Margaret is back in the mix! Added another fanart archive for her, and by the way things are going now, she might get another by this weekend. :D
December 11, 1997 Added a link to an Andreas Deja page, a MP3 (thanks to Margaret's directings :) and three new fanart pieces of Margarets.
December 10, 1997 Added two really cool pics Margaret did. :) Messed around with the thumbnail sizes of most the fanart so the tables look better.
December 9, 1997 Every fanart page has been put into tables. A tedious task to do with my text HTML editor, but it looks a lot better IMO. Added four new pics of Di's. Also, a new artists joins the ranks with her own new page.
December 8, 1997 Messed around with those little icons on my main page and added this entire site into TONS of search engines. Please be sure to vote for me on the new Starting Point thing I added. :)
December 6, 1997 Resized that really cool pic of Scar that shows up on the main page. Trying to be a bandwidth buster here for everyone. :)
December 5, 1997 A new piece of fanart added to the fanart section. This is cool looking! :D
December 2, 1997 Implemented a really cool Java thingie that tells you the time. Look on the frame window.
December 1, 1997 I had an essay I had to do for my English class that more or less would have been deleted, but instead, I added it in in the renamed "Text Archive". :) Minor HTML things also changed. Changed the rotating "@" symbol on the side frame window in order for the page to load faster. Five new pictures added to Diana's now, humongous fanart archive!
November 30, 1997 Added something Margaret did to her fanart archive. This is worth taking a look at. :D
November 29, 1997 Fanart, fanart, fanart! This site just teems with the awesomest stuff! :D Added a 3D Scar by Danny Palic to the fanart section.
November 27, 1997 Added yet another fanart archive for Diana along with 5 new pics she did. It's fun having site exclusive permission from her for these. :D
November 26, 1997 There! After a server crash, this page is back online and here to stay. LOTS of new stuff to be added soon so keep an eye out. :) One thing already added. A new Misc section with a treat for all true Scar fans who use Windows 95.
November 8, 1997 Added a new pic of Diana's. Replaced Margaret's link with a recent one. Notes on this page and why it was down for a bit can be seen here. I'm not too happy anymore with this page. :/
October 27, 1997 Added two more pics of Diana's. Finally found the date on when I implemented my counter and added it to "Scar Bar" :)
October 24, 1997 Four new cool pics added that Diana did. Added a neat thing inspired off the movie "The Net" Can you spot it? :)
October 21, 1997 It's been awhile since I did any updates. Four new cub pics by Myra added. Fixed some broken links, and did a little touching up to the main page.
October 12, 1997 Added two new pics Diana did.
October 9, 1997 It's Scar Fan Artist Appreciation Day today. A long overdue fanart thank-you was created today and added into the fanart section. (I'm using notepad for all of todays updates too! :)
October 8, 1997 A new cub Myra did was added to her section. A small essay by Iggan added into the FanFic section.
October 5, 1997 Diana has regressed into an artists block! :P Well, nothing updated today except for a snapshot taken of her and Scar. Check her fanart index page for it.
October 2, 1997 Myra has her legal copyright and three new cubs were added because of it. :) Added two new pics of Diana's and reformatted her fanart archives to make them much easier to pick an archive. Also reformatted Margaret's fanart section the same way.
October 1, 1997 One new fanart pic of Diana's added. Re-did the main page so that the links to the archives matches with the order of the links in the frame window. Added a new MPEG3 section with sounds that remind me of Scar. *Note* Myra's fanart is pending copyright. Until the copyright (legal one mind you) is up, no further updates will be done to her page, but believe me, I've got the cubs. ;)
September 29, 1997 Four new fanart pics of Diana's added.
September 24, 1997 Okay. We have a new winner for best Scar cub drawer. :) Check out Myra's fanart page and (count them) seven new Scar cub pics she did. All I can say is "Damn they're soooo cute!" :D Added four new pics to Diana's page. She's really starting to show emotions with Scar in these. Very well worth seeing.
September 23, 1997 Myra did two of the cutest Scar cubs I've seen sofar, and being that my looks somehow inspired her for them, well, it's just cool! :) Diana is starting to color with photoshop so I replaced more B&W images she did with the new, colored images. :) ALL of her archives have been updated with the new color pics so be sure to look through them all.
September 21, 1997 Okay, late night updates. Added three new pieces by Diana and one new one Myra did. :) You might wanna checkout the picture Diana did of Scar waking up to find some freak put... pigtails in his mane. "I'll get you Pippi!" :)
September 17, 1997 Margaret! Ok, just had to do that for effects. ;) Two more pics, and one of them the cutest rendition of Scar as a cub I've seen to date. Seems she has the knack for everything. :)
September 16, 1997 Margaret's on a roll here, drawing and coloring Scar fanart like mad. (She aims to please and suceeds in that. ;) A fanart section for Myra Weber added along with 3 new pieces from her. One is just hysterical. :D
September 15, 1997 Another one of Margaret's masterpieces added. ;) Added another pic by Myra Weber. Diana got another fanart section with six new pics. Eesh. This girl draws too much. ;)
September 14, 1997 Two really nicely drawn and colored pieces of Margaret's art added. Two of Diana's added. She went beyond "cub" Scar and did newborn baby Scar. He's so cute!!
September 13, 1997 Four new pieces of Margaret's awesome fanart art added one entitled pain.jpg well worth seeing. Added Margaret another fanart section. :) Also added a short story about Scar to the Fan Fiction section.
September 10, 1997 Four new fanart pics added. (Damn, am I Scar fanart central now or what? :) Two are Diana's and two are from Myra Weber. :)
September 06, 1997 Four pics added to Margaret's fanart archive. Yes! Finally!! :) Four new pics Diana did also added. Scar just looks so damn cute the way she draws him! :D
August 28, 1997 Three more pieces of Diana's fanart added. She's starting to do lots of colored stuff now. Whee!! :D
August 27, 1997 Got this real cool pic Diana made ;) and put it on the "About me" page. Worth looking at IMO. Reformatted this page so that all the new entries are on the top, and changed text on the main page.
August 24, 1997 Added a new link. That's about it! :)
August 21, 1997 Drew Palmer is alive! And I have the fanart in the fanart section to prove it. :) Added one piece of Drew's art, and reformatted the main page a little. Changed and updated the "About Me" section and revised the "How Scar saved my life" section.
August 14, 1997 Added a new link. Fixed the name on Diana Kellogg's link from KoRnHeAd to Whitewolf. :)
August 13, 1997 Added an animated GIF banner that I made to the bottom of the main page. Also added the HTML for anyone who wants to use it. (Also made another banner, this one with a white background so people with black backgrounds can link me too! :) Added 2 more pieces of fanart to Diana's fanart page. :D Removed Margaret's fanfic per her request. Reason: Re-write. ;)
August 12, 1997 Fanart day! Added one new piece to Margaret's page, five to Diana's page, and one piece by Meaghan Edwards. Keep up the cool work guys! :)
August 9, 1997 Added four new pieces to Margaret's Fanart page. Sect pages updated and is now functional.
August 7, 1997 Tons of new fanart by Diana Kellogg added. So much in fact that I added a whole new page for it. :) Also, the opening graphic for my fanfiction is on her new fanart page. Added a link at the bottom of the links page. :)
August 6, 1997 Official opening graphic for my fanfic is up on the Fan Fic page.
July 18, 1997 More art added into Diana's fanart page.
July 16, 1997 My fanfic, "Scar the Unsung Hero" is now back online after going a major editing process. Go check it out! :) Added a new piece of fanart of Diana's and a link.
July 14, 1997 Added tons of new art that Diana Kellogg did. If she keeps it up, she may be the first fan-artist to get another whole page. ;)
July 9, 1997 Added a new Fanart page for Diana Kellogg
June 25, 1997 Sect of Scar page is now starting to go from it's BETA stage to what it is going to look like and be. Very nice layout done sofar.
June 22, 1997 Sect of Scar page is going offline until complete developement is done. This decision is based on the fact on how much negative light this has brought with nothing more than a persons blatant ignorance and stupidity.
June 14, 1997 Fixed the Frames window's links to the archives by taking off those nasty looking, blue and purple borders. Fixed a link.
June 11, 1997 The [BETA] Sect of Scar (name unofficial) was created after much procrastination. Nothing much except requirements to join.
June 10, 1997 Finally fixed that little "Main" gif I had so that it has a transparent background. Looks TONS better. At least IMO. :)
June 9, 1997 Added two new pieces of fanart, but they aren't really fanart. Just fan colored :)
June 8, 1997 Added quite a few link, non-TLK related but good nontheless. :) Took my fanfic offline for the newer [edited] version coming soon. (there is a sequel coming up btw :) ask me about it if you want.
June 2, 1997 Added a new piece of fanart. Added this page.
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