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This page is dedicated to "The Disney Afternoon," (remember that series of shows that you would flip on when you got home from school). Well, I have a few pictures, sounds, and links to other TDA sites for all of those who have managed to stumble across this page.

If your saying to yourself "Cartoons are for kiddies," KNOCK IT OFF!!! You can't fool me. Everyone has seen these great shows one time or another.

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The Disney Afternoon began as a 2-hour chunk of syndicated programs that began airing in 1990. Locally, here in SoCal, it aired on KCAL 9, a Disney owned-station at the time. Throughout the US, It aired on other affiliate channels. Each series was a half-hour, and four were aired during the block. Each season, the oldest series (the first in the lineup) was dropped, and a brand new series was added to the last time slot. The Disney Afternoon was aired between 3:00 and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday from September 10th 1990 to September 1st 1997. After September 1st 1997, the title was officially dropped and the remaining animated series' that were aired in it's time slot fizzled and died, making way for Disney's 1 Two, an afternoon addendum to Disney's 1 Saturday Morning on ABC. Most of the TDA series' can currently be found on Toon Disney, a Disney Channel supplement in most areas, usually included on digital cable and satellite programming.

Note: This page has been sporadically update since 1996, Much of this page's content has not changed since 1996, I have left most of this old content for your viewing pleasure, I have addended most of the outdated information with green text such as this. In most cases where I have mentioned that a series is currently running on The Disney Channel, it is almost certainly not, what of these shows that are still running can be found on Toon Disney (see above). Where I have mentioned that I would love to see a show return to TDA, I meant this relative to the time, in 1997, TDA still for the most part existed, Disney had just stopped referring to it as such. One thing is certain, I would love in this day and age to see a TDA revival, but that's not very likely to happen.

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Disney's Adventures of The Gummi Bears Duck Tales Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers Tale Spin Darkwing Duck Bonkers Goof Troop Aladdin The Series Gargoyles Timon & Pumbaa

I'll start at the very beginning:

The first great show on TDA was "Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears." I was ten years old at the time, sitting in a babysitters living room. The first time I saw TDA I thought, "oh, I can't watch this, It's too childish...." Well, after a few weeks I gave into this one series called "The Gummi Bears." I can honestly say that it was one of the best animated series' I have ever seen, and I have yet to see anything that comes close to measuring up. I haven't seen the Gummies in three years, but I still think it's the best of anything thats been on TDA. The Gummi Bears ran on TDA from 1990-1991. I would love to see the Gummies return to TDA.

Here's some GREAT GUMMI websites: The New Adventures of the Great Gummies

Gummi Glen Gummi Glen is down at the moment, it may be returning at a new address, if it comes back, I'll update the link.

The Gummi Bears are currently airing on Toon Disney. Gummi Glen was the first website that had I come across in my first websearches on the subject in 1996, and the main motivation behind this page.

                               --Life is like a hurricane, Here in Duckberg, Race cars lasers aeroplanes--

Yep!! thats right..... "Duck Tales" the next show on my list. "Duck Tales" had the catchiest theme song of any of the Disney Afternoon shows. The theme song would just rot your brain, and you would find yourself singing it all day long.   Duck Tales was on TDA from 1990-1992, Duck Tales returned to TDA on 9-1-97.

Duck Tales can currently be found on Toon Disney.

Duck Tales

"Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" Now, I don't know about this show. Rescue Rangers was probably one of my least favorite of the TDA shows. That's not to say it wasn't a good show, the first episode was great!!! But after that, The story lines got all weird, I completely lost interest in the show. The only memorable part of the Rescue Rangers for me were of course: Chip and Dale, some of Disney's best characters in my humble opinion. Rescue Rangers ran from 1990-1992 on TDA.

Rescue Rangers can currently be found on Toon Disney.


The second best of all TDA shows is "Tale Spin" this show gave me a HIRE expectation for new TDA shows. I loved this show!!! and unfortunately I haven't seen it in quite a while either.        Tale Spin ran from1990-1993                           Tale Spin is currently on The Disney Channel

Baloo and Don Karnage

"Darkwing Duck" is up next. This was a cool show, and yes, up until it was removed from TDA the second time, I was still watching  it - sometimes, when I didn't have band practice after school. My favorite character on Darkwing is Launchpad, I don't really have a favorite episode though. Darkwing Duck originally ran from 1991-1994 on TDA, and again from 1996-1997.             

Darkwing is on Toon Disney.

A little-known fact: Honker Muddlefoot and Sunni Gummi were both voiced by the same actress - Katie Leigh

Check out this Darkwing site

"Goof Troop" Well, what can I say about Goof Troop? Everyone loves Goofy!! thats a positive point right there!  I didn't get to see Goof Troop that often, I had many band practices that would hang over till the time it was on. I would have watched it more often if I could have. One of TDA's longest running shows, Goof Troop ran from 1991-1996 on TDA.

"Bonkers" This would have to be my second favorite show next to The Gummi Bears. I  just loved the sillyness!! who doesn't like sillyness? My favorite character on Bonkers was of course - Bonkers D. Bobcat. Fall-apart was a cool character too.  Bonkers ran from 1992-1993, and again from 1995-1996 on TDA.

Bonkers can currenlty be found on Toon Disney

In late 1993, Walt Disney Television began work on a series to continue the story of "Aladdin," the movie, and it's first sequel: "The Return of Jafar" - "Aladdin" This series has become synonymous with TDA as it is today. When Aladdin began on TDA, I watched every episode. I have seen just about every one now. Aladdin was on TDA for quite a while.

Aladdin began in 1994, and left TDA on 9-1-97.    Aladdin can currently be found on The Disney Channel.

Aladdin is currently on Toon Disney

"Shnookums and Meat" I can't say anything about Shnookums and Meat, except that for 8 months, it aired on Mondays in 1994, only 13 episodes were made. I of course had marching band practice, so I was never able to get home in time to watch it.

"Gargoyles" was a very interesting show, I didn't like it a whole lot, but I did watch a few episodes that I thought were pretty good. The story at first played out like a soap oprea, but later in the series, I didn't know what was going on. I pretty much lost interest in Gargoyles after that.      Gargoyles aired mostly on Friday's in 1995

Gargoyles are on Toon Disney

in 1996, the best new show on TDA arrived, "Timon and Pumbaa" Timon and Pumbaa is one of the coolest shows on TDA, it reminds me of the great old Warner Brothers "Looney Tunes." I love the humor, and the characters can't help but make you laugh!! Timon and Pumbaa was great, however, it only ran one day a week.I would have liked to see it more often.                             Timon and Pumbaa began in 1996, and left TDA on 9-1-97.         -Timon and Pumbaa can currently be found on The Disney Channel.

Timon and Pumbaa are on Toon Disney

"The Mighty Ducks" This is not one of the best shows, IMHO. I can't see anything great in the characters, and don't quite get the storylines. I could live without The Mighty Ducks, but since they are on TDA, I am including them. The Mighty Ducks ran from 1996-1997 on TDA.

The Mighty Ducks currently air on Toon Disney

"Quack Pack" This is a show that is a sort of continuation of Duck Tales. The return of Huey, Duey, and Luey - as teenagers. This time they have a beefed up atitude, and they're hanging around Donald instead of uncle Scrooge. I like what I've seen so far of Quack Pack. Quack Pack began in 1996, and can be found often in TDA's old time slot.

By TDA's time slot, I meant that it was aired during the time that one or another TDA shows occupied before the name drop. Quack Pack is currently on Toon Disney

Here's a Quack Pack related site

-Oh Yeah-

You may remember a show called "The Wuzzles" what I remeber is that it was a super show, I loved it!!! Unfortunately, it didn't last very long, from what I understand only 13 episodes were made. The interesting thing to point out is that "The Wuzzles" was the original predecessor to all of the shows on TDA. "The Wuzzles" was an idea of Michael Eisner (familiar name eh?). In 1984, Eisner took some ideas of his, namely "The Gummi Bears", and "The Wuzzles" to his newly formed television animation department. This began the start of a series called "The Wuzzles" all of the animation for this show, as well as the Disney Afternoon series' that followed was all done in Japan. However most of the writing and storyboard development was done in Burbank, at the Disney studio. Jymn Magon can be credited for most of the creative input on the Gummi Bears, Tale Spin, and Goof Troop, I'm not sure who the main writer on the Wuzzles was. I don't quite know what became of "The Wuzzles," however what I do know is that in 1985 it aired with "The Gummi Bears" on saturday mornings. It was really a GREAT show, and I hope that someday, I'll have the opportunity to see it again.

For those of you interested in the technical bits about this page, I designed the original page using AOL Press, I had it online in about a day, since then I have been adding to it very slowly, At the moment, I'm making all updates using UW pico, It's a long HTML file, yes, but I can fix things quickly in pico.

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