My 2005 list. Any game marked w/ an "X", I don't yet have.

* NBC Pre-empts the noon games in wk1 to goto a press conf. w/ by Pres. Bush (Aprox 20mins of game footage lost)

2005 Schedule
Week 1
Friday, January 28
7:30 pm    Arizona Rattlersat  Grand Rapids Rampage Fox Sports Detroit
Saturday, January 29
7:00 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Georgia Force  
Sunday, January 30
12:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  Austin Wranglers (NBC Left this gm w/ 6mins left in 4thQ)  
12:00 pm    Colorado Crushat  Orlando Predators  
3:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  Dallas Desperados  
3:00 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  Las Vegas Gladiators (2nd half)  
3:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Tampa Bay Storm (need upgrade)  
ByeNew York   
Week 2
Friday, February 4
8:30 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Nashville Kats  
3:00 pm    Georgia Forceat  Los Angeles Avengers Fox Sports West
Saturday, February 5
3:00 pm    Grand Rapids Rampageat  Colorado Crush  
10:30 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  San Jose SaberCats Fox Sports Pittsburgh
Sunday, February 6
1:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  Chicago Rush  
1:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  New York Dragons  
Week 3
Friday, February 11
7:30 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  Orlando Predators  
8:30 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  Austin Wranglers  Fox Sports West
Saturday, February 12
7:00 pm    Arizona Rattlersat  Georgia Force  Fox Sports South
Sunday, February 13
3:00 pm    Columbus Destroyersat  Dallas Desperados  
3:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  Colorado Crush  
3:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  New Orleans VooDoo  
3:00 pm    Nashville Katsat  Philadelphia Soul  
ByeGrand Rapids   
Week 4
Thursday, February 17
8:30 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  Dallas Desperados  
Saturday, February 19
7:00 pm Chicago Rushat Columbus Destroyers
Fox Sports Ohio
7:00 pm    Nashville Katsat  New York Dragons
9:30 pm    Colorado Crushat  Arizona Rattlers  
Sunday, February 20
12:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  New Orleans VooDoo  
6:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Los Angeles Avengers  
ByeTampa Bay   
Week 5
Friday, February 25
8:00 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  New Orleans VooDoo  
8:30 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  Chicago Rush  Sunshine Network
Saturday, February 26
8:30 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Nashville Kats  Fox Sports West
Sunday, February 27
3:00 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  Colorado Crush  
3:00 pm    Arizona Rattlersat  New York Dragons  
3:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  Philadelphia Soul  
ByeSan Jose   
Week 6
Saturday, March 5
8:30 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Dallas Desperados (edited for time constraints)  
Sunday, March 6
12:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Orlando Predators  
12:00 pm    New York Dragonsat  Philadelphia Soul  
Week 7
Friday, March 11
10:30 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  San Jose SaberCats
Saturday, March 12
6:30 pm    Colorado Crushat  Nashville Kats  Fox Sports South
7:00 pm    Georgia Forceat  New York Dragons
Sunday, March 13
12:00 pm    Arizona Rattlersat  Tampa Bay Storm  
12:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  Grand Rapids Rampage  
3:00 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  New Orleans VooDoo  
4:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  Austin Wranglers  
ByeLos Angeles   
Week 8
Friday, March 18
10:30 pm    Grand Rapids Rampageat  San Jose SaberCats  Fox Sports Detroit
Saturday, March 19
1:00 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  Georgia Force  
9:00 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Arizona Rattlers  Fox Sports Arizona
Sunday, March 20
12:00 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Chicago Rush  
12:00 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  Philadelphia Soul  
3:00 pm    Columbus Destroyersat  Colorado Crush 
Week 9
Friday, March 25
8:30 pm    Colorado Crushat  Dallas Desperados Fox Sports Southwest
Saturday, March 26
7:00 pm    New York Dragonsat  Columbus Destroyers
10:30 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  Los Angeles Avengers  
7:00 pm    Grand Rapids Rampageat  Philadelphia Soul
Monday, March 28
10:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Las Vegas Gladiators X 
Week 10
Friday, April 1
8:30 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Austin Wranglers  
Saturday, April 2
7:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  New York Dragons
Fox Sports New York
7:30 pm    Georgia Forceat  Tampa Bay Storm  
Sunday, April 3
12:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  Columbus Destroyers X 
12:00 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  Orlando Predators  
3:00 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Colorado Crush 
3:00 pm    Nashville Katsat  Grand Rapids Rampage
9:00 pm    Arizona Rattlersat  San Jose SaberCats
Week 11
Friday, April 8
7:30 pm    Austin Wranglersat  Georgia Force
8:30 pm    Nashville Katsat  Dallas Desperados Fox Sports Southwest
10:00 pm    Columbus Destroyersat  Arizona Rattlers  Fox Sports Arizona
10:00 pm    Grand Rapids Rampageat  Las Vegas Gladiators Fox Sports Detroit
Saturday, April 9
7:30 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  Tampa Bay Storm  
Sunday, April 10
1:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Chicago Rush  
1:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  Colorado Crush  
3:00 pm    New York Dragonsat  Los Angeles Avengers
ByeNew Orleans   
Week 12
Friday, April 15
10:30 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  San Jose SaberCats  Fox Sports Southwest
Sunday, April 17
1:00 pm    Colorado Crushat  Chicago Rush  
1:00 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Philadelphia Soul  
Week 13
Friday, April 22
7:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  Columbus Destroyers  Fox Sports Southwest
7:30 pm    Georgia Forceat  Orlando Predators  
9:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Colorado Crush
10:00 pm    Austin Wranglersat  Arizona Rattlers  
Saturday, April 23
7:30 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Grand Rapids Rampage 
10:30 pm    Chicago Rushat  Los Angeles Avengers  Fox Sports South
Sunday, April 24
1:00 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  Nashville Kats  
1:00 pm    Philadelphia Soulat  New York Dragons  
ByeLas Vegas   
Week 14
Friday, April 29
8:30 pm    New York Dragonsat  Dallas Desperados
10:30 pm    Nashville Katsat  San Jose SaberCats (JIP@9mins 1st) Fox Sports South
Saturday, April 30
7:00 pm    Austin Wranglersat  Columbus Destroyers
7:30 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Tampa Bay Storm Fox Sports South
8:00 pm    Colorado Crushat  Grand Rapids Rampage
Sunday, May 1
1:00 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Chicago Rush  
Week 15
Saturday, May 7
8:30 pm    Orlando Predatorsat  Austin Wranglers  
8:30 pm    Grand Rapids Rampageat  Nashville Kats  
10:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  Arizona Rattlers  
10:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  Las Vegas Gladiators  
10:30 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  San Jose SaberCats  Fox Sports West
Sunday, May 8
1:00 pm    Tampa Bay Stormat  Georgia Force  
1:00 pm    Colorado Crushat  New Orleans VooDoo  
Week 16
Friday, May 13
9:00 pm    Nashville Katsat  Colorado Crush  
Saturday, May 14
7:00 pm    Dallas Desperadosat  Georgia Force  
8:00 pm    Austin Wranglersat  New Orleans VooDoo  
10:00 pm    San Jose SaberCatsat  Arizona Rattlers 
10:30 pm    Las Vegas Gladiatorsat  Los Angeles Avengers  
Sunday, May 15
1:00 pm    New York Dragonsat  Tampa Bay Storm  
Week 17
Saturday, May 21
7:00 pm    Colorado Crushat  New York Dragons  
7:30 pm    Los Angeles Avengersat  Grand Rapids Rampage  
10:30 pm    Georgia Forceat  San Jose SaberCats  Fox Sports South
Sunday, May 22
3:00 pm    Chicago Rushat  Nashville Kats  
3:00 pm    New Orleans VooDooat  Orlando Predators  
3:30 pm    Quarterfinal game 1
3:30 pm    Quarterfinal game 2
3:30 pm    Quarterfinal game 3
3:30 pm    Quarterfinal game 4
3:00 pm    Semifinal game 1
3:00 pm    Semifinal game 2
Sunday, June 12
ArenaBowl TBA Team  
All Times Eastern
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* NBC Pre-empts the noon games in wk1 to goto a press conf. w/ by Pres. Bush (Aprox 20mins of game footage lost)