My 2013 AFL Season

Any game marked by X is a game I need.

: designates games taped off the Internet
All Times Eastern

Week 1
Saturday, March 23
7 pm Utah Blaze at  Pittsburgh Power  X
7:30 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Tampa Bay Storm  X
8:30 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  San Antonio Talons  
9 pm Philadelphia Soulat  Arizona Rattlers  
Sunday, March 24
6 pm Orlando Predatorsat  New Orleans VooDoo (2nd half only)  
Week 2
Friday, March 29
7 pm Jacksonville Sharks at  Pittsburgh Power
9:30 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Utah Blaze  
10:30 pm Orlando Predatorsat  San Jose Sabercats  
Saturday, March 30
8 pm Iowa Barnstormersat  New Orleans  
ByeSan Antonio Philadelphia   
Week 3
Friday, April 5
8 pm Spokane Shock at  Iowa Barnstormers
Saturday, April 6
9 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  Arizona Rattlers  
10 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  Utah Blaze  X
ByeNew Orleans, Pittsburgh   
Week 4
Friday, April 12
8 pm New Orleans VooDooat  Jacksonville Sharks  X
10 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Spokane Shock
Saturday, April 13
8 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Iowa Barnstormers  
ByeSan Jose Utah Orlando Cleveland   
Week 5
Friday, April 19
8:30 pm Pittsburgh Powerat  New Orleans VooDoo  X
Saturday, April 20
7 pm Tampa Bay Predators at  Orlando Predators X
9 pm San Antonio Talonsat  Arizona Rattlers
9 pm Chicago Rushat  Utah Blaze  
Week 6
Friday, April 26
8 pm Chicago Rush at  Iowa Barnstormers  
Saturday, April 27
7 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Philadelphia Soul X 
8 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  New Orleans VooDoo  
10 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  Spokane Shock  
Sunday, April 28
2 pm San Antonio Talons at  Pittsburgh PowerX 
6 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Arizona Rattlers
Week 7
Satrday, May 4
7 pm Orlando Predators at  Pittsburgh Power 
7 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Jacksonville Sharks  
8 pm New Orleans VooDooat  Tampa Bay Storm  
9 pm Spokane Shockat  Utah Blaze  
Week 8
Saturday, May 11
7 pm Pittsburgh Powerat  Philadelphia Soul  
8 pm New Orleans VooDooat  Iowa Barnstormers  
8:30 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  San Antonio Talons  
9 pm Utah Blazeat  Arizona Rattlers
10 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Spokane Shock  
Week 9
Friday, May 17
10 pm New Orleans VooDoo at  Spokane Shock 
Saturday, May 18
7 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  Jacksonville Sharks  
7 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Philadelphia Soul  
9 pm Iowa Barnstormersat  Utah Blaze  X
Week 10
Saturday, May 25
7 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Pittsburgh Power 
7:30 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Orlando Predators X 
8 pm Philadelphia Soulat  Tampa Bay Storm  
9 pm Iowa Barnstormersat  Arizona Rattlers  
Week 11
Saturday, June 1
7 pm Pittsburgh Power at  Jacksonville Sharks X
7 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Philadelphia Soul  
7:30 pm Chicago Rushat  Orlando Predators  X
8 pm Cleveland Gladiatorsat  New Orleans Voo Doo  
8 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  Iowa Barnstormers  
10 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  Spokane Shock  
Week 12
Saturday, June 8
7 pm New Orleans VooDoo at  Philadelphia Soul  
7:30 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Tampa Bay Storm  
8:30 pm Arizona Rattlersat  San Antonio Talons  
10 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Spokane Shock  
Week 13
Saturday, June 15
7 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Pittsburgh Power
7:30 pm Cleveland Gladiatorsat  Orlando Predators  X
8 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  New Orleans VooDoo  
8 pm San Jose Sabercatsat  Iowa Barnstormers
9 pm Spokane Shockat  Arizona Rattlers
9 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Utah Blaze  
Week 14
Friday, June 21
10 pm Utah Blaze at  Spokane ShockX 
Saturday, June 22
7 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Jacksonville Sharks 
7 pm Iowa Barnstormersat  Philadelphia Soul
7 pm Pittsburgh Powerat  Orlando Predators
8 pm San Antonio Talonsat  New Orleans VooDoo  
10:30 pm Arizona Rattlersat  San Jose Sabercats  
Week 15
Saturday, June 29
7 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Jacksonville Sharks  
8 pm San Antonio Talonsat  Iowa Barnstormers
9 pm San JOse Sabercatsat  Utah Blaze
ByeChicago Arizona Spokane Tampa Bay   
Week 16
Saturday, July 6
7:30 pm Spokane Shockat  Tampa Bay Storm  X
7:30 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Orlando Predators  
9 pm New Orleans VooDooat  Utah Blaze  X
ByeIowa Jacksonville   
Week 17
Saturday, July 13
7 pm San JOse Sabercats at  Pittsburgh Power  
8:30 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  San ANtonio Talons  X
9 pm New Orleans VooDooat  Arizona Rattlers  
Week 18
Friday, July 19
10 pm San Antonio Talons at  Spokane Shock 
Saturday, July 20
7 pm Orlando Predators at  Cleveland Gladiators  
8 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  New Orleans VooDoo  
8 pm Utah Blazeat  Iowa Barnstormers
9 pm Chicago Rushat  Arizona Rattlers  
Week 19
Friday, July 26
10 pm Pittsburgh Power at  Spokane Shock  
Saturday, July 27
7 pm Tampa Bay Storm at  Jacksonville Sharks
8 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Iowa Barnstormers  
8:30 pm Philadelphia Soulat  San Antonio Talons  
9 pm Cleveland Gladiatorsat  Utah Blaze X
Thursday, August 1
10 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
Saturday, August 3
7 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
7 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
Sunday, August 4
8 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
Saturday, August 10
7 pm Semifinalistat   Semifinalist 
9:30 pm Semifinalistat   Semifinalist 
Saturday, August 17
1 pm Teamat   TeamCBS 
All Star Games
Saturday, November 2
10pm Team at Team
Monday, November 11
10pm Team at Team X

: designates games taped off the Internet