My 2016 AFL Season

Any game marked by X is a game I need. "Pending", simply means I'll have that game soon.

: Are Internet telecasts. In most cases, the quality of these games is on-par w/ TV, however, since its the internet, there could be moments where the Image may freeze, or quality may drop momentarily. If you see a WatchESPN logo, next to a TV logo, that means said game was recorded online where the source video was a TV broadcast. Anything listed on Blu-Ray disk is in High Definition.
All Times Eastern

Week 1
Friday, April 1
7 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Cleveland Gladiators **
7:30 pm Orlando Predators at   Tampa Bay Storm  **
10pm Arizona Rattlers at   Portland Steel  
Saturday, April 2
9 pm Jacksonville Sharks at  Los Angeles Kiss  
Week 2
Saturday, April 9
7 pm Tampa Bay Storm at  Cleveland Gladiators  
7:30 pm Portland Steelat  Orlando Predators  
11 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Los Angeles Kiss  
Monday, April 11
7 pm Jacksonville Sharks at  Philadelphia Soul  
Week 3
Saturday, April 16
7:30 pm Los Angeles Kiss at  Cleveland Gladiators  
Sunday, April 17
4 pm Portland Steel at  Philadelphia Soul  
Monday, April 18
7 pm Orlando Predators at  Jacksonville Sharks  
Week 4
Saturday, April 23
4 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Philadelphia Soul  
7 pm Arizona Rattlersat  Jacksonville Sharks  
7:30 pm Los Angeles Kissat  Orlando Predators  
ByeTampa Bay Portland  
Week 5
Friday, April 29
7 pm Orlando Predators at  Cleveland Gladiators  
Saturday, April 30
9 pm Portland Steel at  Arizona Rattlers  
Monday, May 2
8 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Los Angeles Kiss  
Week 6
Friday, May 6
7 pm Jacksonville Sharks at  Cleveland Gladiators  
Saturday, May 7
7:30 pm Arizona Rattlers at  Orlando Predators  
Monday, May 9
8 pm Tampa Bay Storm at  Philadelphia Soul  
Week 7
Friday, May 13
7:30 pm Tampa Bay Stormat  Orlando Predators  
Saturday, May 14
6:30 pm Arizona Rattlers at  Philadelphia Soul  
Monday, May 16
8 pm Portland Steel at  Cleveland Gladiators  
ByeLos Angeles Jacksonville  
Week 8
Saturday, May 21
7 pm Portland Steel at  Jacksonville Sharks  
7:30 pm Orlando Predatorsat  Philadelphia Soul  
9 pm Los Angeles Kissat  Arizona Rattlers  
Monday, May 23
8 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Tampa Bay Storm  
Week 9
Friday, May 27
7:30 pm Jacksonville Sharks at  Orlando Predators  
Saturday, May 28
7 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Cleveland Gladiators  
Week 10
Friday, June 3
7 pm Arizona Rattlers at  Cleveland Gladiators  
Saturday, June 4
7 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Jacksonville Sharks  
Week 11
Saturday, June 11
3 pm Los Angeles Kiss at  Philadelphia Soul  * *
5 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Tampa Bay Storm  
9 pm Portland Steelat  Arizona Rattlers X   
Monday, June 13
7:30 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Orlando Predators  
Week 12
Friday, June 17
10 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Arizona Rattlers  
Saturday, June 18
7 pm Orlando Predators at  Jacksonville  
7:30 pm Los Angeles Kissat  Tampa Bay Storm  
Monday, June 20
10 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Portland Steel  
Week 13
Friday, June 24
7:30 pm Tampa Bay Storm at  Orlando Predators  
Saturday, June 25
7 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Jacksonville Sharks  
Monday, June 27
8 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Portland Steel  
Week 14
ByePhiladelphia Cleveland Jacksonville Arizona Tampa Bay Los Angeles Orlando Portland
Week 15
Saturday, July 9
6 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Philadelphia Soul  * *
9:30 pm Jacksonville Sharksat  Arizona Rattlers  
Week 16
Saturday, July 16
4 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Tampa Bay Storm  
10 pm Cleveland Gladiatorsat  Los Angeles Kiss  
Week 17
Saturday, July 23
5 pm Portland Steel at  Tampa Bay Storm  
7 pm Los Angeles Kissat  Jacksonville Sharks  
Sunday, July 24
9 pm Cleveland Gladiators at  Arizona Rattlers  
ByeOrlando Philadelphia  
Week 18
Saturday, July 30
7:30 pm Philadelphia Soul at  Orlando Predators  
Sunday, July 31
5 pm Tampa Bay Storm at  Jacksonville Sharks  
ByeArizona Cleveland  
Saturday, August 6
7 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
10 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
Sunday, August 7
6 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
6 pm Quarterfinalistat   Quarterfinalist 
Saturday, August 13
9:30 pm Semifinalistat   Semifinalist 
Sunday, August 14
6 pm Semifinalistat   Semifinalist 
Friday, August 26
7 pm Teamat   TeamESPN 

: designates games taped of the Internet