This is my small list of Indoor football league games

The I.F.L. folded at the end of the 2000 season and was absorbed into what is now Arena Football 2. I was able to tape the following games from Midwest Sports Channel in 2000.
April 8Week 2Sioux city @Sioux Falls
April 15Week 3Peoria @ La Crosse
April 21Week 4Green Bay @ Peoria (missing last 1/2 of 4th Q)
June 3Week 10Minnesota vs Green Bay
June 10Week 11Bismarck @ Erie
June 16Week 12Sioux Falls @ Lincoln
June 17Week 12Erie @ Peoria


Apr 18Week 7Baltimore @ Erie (JIP'd near end of 1stQ)
May 3Week 9Canton @ Erie
June 6Week 14Huntington @ Fayetteville


Mar 28Week 4Washington DC @ Erie
Apr 25Week 8Harrisburg @ Washington DC


Feb 178pmGreen Bay Blizzard @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 1)X
Feb 258pmSioux Falls Storm @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 2)X
Feb 266pmIowa Barnstormers @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 2)
Mar 118pmWichita Falls Nighthawks @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 4)
9pmColorado Crush @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 4)
Mar 194pmGreen Bay Blizzard @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 5)
Mar 264pmCedar Rapids Titans @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 6)
Apr 19pmWichita Falls Nighthawks @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 7)
Apr 88pmSioux Falls Storm @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 8)
8pmGreen Bay Blizzard @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 8)
Apr 158pmNebraska Danger @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 9)
Apr 228pmIowa Barnstormers @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 10)
9pmSpokane Empire @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 10)
Apr 298pmColorado Crush @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 11)
9pmGreen Bay Blizzard @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 11)
May 58pmArizona Rattlers @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 12)
May 138pmCedar Rapids Titans @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 13)
May 209pmSalt Lake City Eagles @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 14)
May 268pmGreen Bay Blizzard @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 15)
May 289pmNebraska Danger @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 15)
Jun 38pmNebraska Danger @ Cedar Rapids Titans (Week 16)
Jun 98pmSpokane Empire @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 17)
Jun 116pmCedar Rapids Titans @ Arizona Rattlers (Week 17)
June 178pmSioux Falls Storm @ Iowa Barnstormers (Week 18)