Top 40 songs of the week

40. Ashante, "Foolish"
39. Jimmy eat world, "The middle"
38. Reese, "They say vision"
37. R Kelly, "Worlds greatest"
36. India Arie, "Video"
35. Tweek, "Oops, oh my"
34. Nelly Furtado, "On the radio"
33. Celine Dion, "A new day has come"
32. Toya, "No matter what, party all night"
31. Fabolous, "Youngin holla back"
30. City high, "Caramel"
29. Mary J. Blige, "No more drama"
28. Default, "Wasting my time"
27. Darrin Hayes, "Insatiable"
26. Outcaste, "The whole world"
25. Fat joe, "Whats love"
24. Goo Goo Dolls, "Here is gone"
23. POD, "Youth of the nation"
22. Ludricrous, "Roll out my business"
21. Allanis Morrisette, "Hands clean"
20. Brandy, "What about us"
19. I O, "Rapture"
18. Creed, "My sacrafice"
17. Usher, "You got it back"
16. Vanessa Carlton, "One thousand miles"
15. No Doubt, "Hey baby"
14. Shakira, "Underneath your clothes"
13. Michelle Branch, "All you wanted"
12. Craig David, "7 days"
11. LeAnne Rhymes, "Can't fight the moonlight"
10. Enrique Iglesias, "Escape"
9. The Calling, "Wherever you will go"
8. JaRule, "Always on time"
7. N Sync, "Girlfriend"
6. Puddle of mud, "Blurry"
5. Pink, "Dont let me get me"
4. Nickleback, "How you remind me"
3. Kylie Monogue, "Cant get you outta my head"
2. Jaylo w/ Jarule, "Aint it funny"
1. Lincoln Park, "In the end"
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