86 of 1986

86. Whitney Houston, "how will I know"
85. Face to face, "Tell me why"
84. Whitney Houston, "Greatest love of all"
83. Cameo, "Word up"
82. Rod Stewart, "Love touch"
81. Bangles, "IF she knew what she wants"
80. Gloria Loring & Carl Anderson, "Friends & lovers"
79. Mr Mr, "Welcome to the real world"
78. Lisa lisa & cult jam w/ full force, "All cried out"
77. Peter frampton, "Lying"
76. heart, "If looks could kill"
75. Beatles, "Twist & shout" (re-release)
74. Bannanarama, "Venus"
73. The fix, "Secret seperation"
72. Kenny Loggins, "Dangerzone"
71. Madonna, "Live to tell"
70. ZZ Top, "sleeping bag"
69. Cars, "Emotion in motion"
68. Pretenders, "Dont get me wrong"
67. Genesis, "Invisble touch"
66. Tina turner & Bryan adams, "Its only love"
65. Stevie wonder, "Go home"
64. Lionel Richie, "Say you say me"
63. Eddie murphy, "Party all the time"
62. Godly & Creme, "You make me wanna cry"
61. Bangles, "Walk like an egyptian"
60. Genesis, "Throwing it all away"
59. O.M.D., "If you leave"
58. Glass tiger, "Dont forget me when Im gone"
57. Steve Winwood, "Higher love"
56. Amy grant & Peter cetera, "The next time I fall"
55. Sting, "Russians"
54. Dream Academy, "Life in a northern town"
53. Heart, "Nothin at all"
52. Madonna, "Into the groove"
51. Timex social club, "Rumors"
50. Level 42, "Somethin about you"
49. NuShooz, "Point of no return"
48. Night ranger, "This could be the night"
47. NuShooz, "I cant wait"
46. Jeffery Osbourne, "You should be mine (the woo-woo song)"
45. Scriti Politi, "Perfect way"
44. Regina, "Baby love"
43. Heart, "These dreams"
42. ?, "Hands accross America"
41. Madonna, "Popa dont preach"
40. Jermain Stewart, "We dont have to take our clothes off"
39. Simple minds, "Alive and kicking"
38. Bannanarama, "Cruel summer"
37. The outfield, "Your love"
36. Robert Palmer, "Didnt mean to turn you on"
35. Sheena Easton, "Do it for love"
34. Force M D's, "Tender love"
33. Blow monkeys, "Diggin your seam"
32. Loverboy, "Heaven in your eyes"
31. Robert Palmer, "Addicted to love"
30. Toto, "I'll be over you"
29. John Cougar, "Small town"
28. Mr Mr, "Kyrie"
27. Whitney Houston, "All at once"
26. Stevie nicks, "I cant wait"
25. Run DMC w/ Aerosmith, "Walk this way"
24. Boston, "Amanda"
23. Journey, "Nothing stands between loving you'
22. Stacy Q, "Two of hearts"
21. O. M. D., "So in love"
20. Glen fry, "you belong to the city"
19. Huey Lewis & the news, "Stuck w/ you"
18. Geno Fenely, "It hurts"
17. Sly Fox, "Lets go all the way"
16. Power station, "Communication"
15. Madonna, "Sho bee do"
14. Pet shop boys, "West end girls"
13. Frida, "I know Theres somethin goin on"
12. Janet Jackson, "Nasty"
11. ZZ Top, "Stages"
10. Anita Baker, "Sweet love"
9. Peter Gabriel, "Sledgehammer"
8. Jack Wagner, "Too young"
7. Human league, "Human"
6. ZZ Top, "Rough boy"
5. Survivor, "Burning heart"
4. Starship, "Sara"
3. Berlin, "Take my breathe away"
2. Phil Collins, "Take me home'
1. Belinda Carlyle, "Mad about you"