Top 88 of 88

88. Bobby Brown, "Dont be cruel"
87. Candle in the wind, "Elton John"
86. Jane Weedland, "Inside a dream"
85. Will to power, "Baby I love your way"
84. Patrick Swayze, "Shes like the wind"
83. Jane Weedland, "Rush hour"
82. Poison, "Nothin but a good time"
81. George Michael, "Father figure"
80. INXS, "Devil inside"
79. Sheena Easton, "The lover in me"
78. Cheap trick, "Dont be cruel"
77. White lion, "Tell me"
76. Debbie Gibson, "Out of the blue"
75. Tracy Chapman, "Fast car"
74. Deale, "I only think of you, on two occasions"
73. Scarlet & black, "you dont know"
72. Covergirls, "It takes 2 to make a thing go right"
71. Zainy Girls, "Grab it like you want it"
70. Terrance Trent D'arby, "Sign your name"
69. Erasure, "Chains of love"
68. The Contours, "Do you love me"
67. Brenda Russell, "Piano in the dark"
66. Tiffany, "I saw him standing there"
65. Taylor Dane, "Dont rush me"
64. Midnight Oil, "Beds are burning"
63. Bobby Brown, "My perogative"
62. Samantha Fox, "Hold on tight"
61. Breathe, "How can I fall"
60. Bon Jovi, "Bad medicine"
59. Rick Astley, "Strong strong man"
58. Breathe, "Hands to heaven"
57. Henry Lee Summer, "Wish I had a girl who walked like that"
56. INXS, "New sensation"
55. Stryper, "I believe in you"
54. Guns & Roses, "Sweet child O' mine"
53. Scandal, "Say what you will"
52. Phill Collins, "Groovy kind of love"
51. White lion, "Wait"
50. Cher, "I found someone"
49. David Lee Roth, "Just like paradise"
48. Kylie Manouge, "Locomotion"
47. Guns & Roses, "Welcome to the jungle"
46. Samantha Fox, "Naughty girls need love too"
45. Rick Astley, "Together forver"
44. Paul Carrack, "Dont shead a tear for me"
43. Bruce Hornsby, "Valley road"
42. Sam Kinison, "Wild thing"
41. Samantha Fox, "I wanna have some fun"
40. Reo Speedwagon, "Here with me"
39. Whitesnake, "Give me all your love tonight"
38. Pretty Poison, "Night time"
37. Bangles, "In your room"
36. Boy meets girl, "Waiting for a star to fall"
35. Van Halen, "When its love"
34. Scandal, "Tonight"
33. Samantha Fox, "Rockin in the city"
32. Brenda K Star, "I still believe"
31. Icehouse, "Electric blue"
30. Men without hats, "Pop goes the world"
29. Phil Collins, "Two hearts"
28. Bon Jovi, "Wild in the streets"
27. Tiffany "Feelings of forever"
26. New kids on the block, "Right stuff"
25. Belinda Carlisle, "I get weak"
24. Taylor Dane, "Tell it to my heart"
23. Europe, "Superstitious"
22. Romeos Daughter, "Dont break my heart"
21. Dream Division, "Dear Mr. Jesus"
20. The Fat boys, "The twist"
19. Salt & Pepper, "Push it"
18. Climie Fisher, "Love changes"
17. Michael Bolton, "Thats what love is all about"
16. Kiss "Reason to live"
15. Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh prince, "Parents just dont understand"
14. Kiss, "Crazy nights"
13. Taylor Dane, "Prove your love"
12. Def Leopard, "Armageddon it"
11. Kylie Manouge, "I should be so lucky"
10. Def leopard, "Hysteria"
9. Phil Collins, "The feeling inside"
8. Lita Ford, "Kiss me Deadly"
7. Cheap Trick, "I will be the flame"
6. Billy Ocean, "Get out of my dreams"
5. E. U., "Da Butt"
4. Eric Carmen, "Hungry Eyes"
3. Vixon, "On the edge of a broken heart"
2. Def Leopard, "Love Bites"
1. Def Leopard, "Pour some sugar on me"