Top 89 of 89

89. Donny Osmond, "Soldier of Love"
88. Michael Damion, "Rock on"
87. Sheriff, "When I'm with you"
86. Samantha Fox, "I wanna have some fun"
85. Covergirls, "We cant go wrong"
84. Benny Mardonis, "Into the night"
83. Paula Abdul, "Opposites attract"
82. Tommy Paige, "Shoulder to cry on"
81. Vixon, "Love made me"
80. Expose, "When I looked at him"
79. New Kids on the block, "Covergirl"
78. Pajama Party, "Yo no se"
77. Richard Marx, "Nothing you can do about it"
76. Rob Base & DF Easy Rock, "It takes two"
75. Tiffany, "Hold an old friends hand"
74. Richard Marx, "Right here waiting"
73. Samantha Fox, "Only want to be with you"
72. Cinderella, "Last Mile"
71. Motley Crue "Kick start my heart"
70. Motley Crue "Dr. Feelgood"
69. Tone Loc, "Wild Thing"
68. Chicago, "Your not alone"
67. Bullet Boys, "For the love of money"
66. Skid Rowe, "Youth gone wild"
65. Living Color, "cult of personality"
64. The Jets, "The same love"
63. Badlands, "Dreams in the dark"
62. Technotronic, "Pump up the jam"
61. Winger, "Hungry"
60. Debbie Gibson, "Lost in your eyes"
59. Cinderella, "Comin home"
58. Michael Bolton, "How am I supposed to live without you"
57. Debbie Gibson, "Crocodile rock"
56. Bon Jovi, "Livin in sin"
55. Expose, "Tell me why"
54. Rockset, "Dangerous"
53. Bad English, "When I see you smile"
52. Anita Baker, "Just because"
51. White lion, "Little fighter"
50. Cher, "Just like Jessie James"
49. Donnie Osmond, "Sacred emotion"
48. 38 special, "Second chance"
47. Paula Abdul, "Straight up"
46. Tone Loc, "Funky cold Madena"
45. Def Leopard, "Armagedon it"
44. Warrant, "Down boys"
43. Bette Midler, "Wind beneath my wings"
42. Bon Jovi, "Ill be there for you"
41. Fiona, "Everything you do"
40. To Live crue, "Me so horny"
39. Michael Miralis, "I don't know"
38. Karen White, "Love the way you love me"
37. Milli Vanilli, "Girl im gonna miss you"
36. Loverboy, "Too hot"
35. Michael Miralis, "Who do you give you love to?"
34. Winger, "Seventeen"
33. Vixen, "Cryin"
32. Stryper, "I believe in you"
31. Marticka "I feel the earth move"
30. New kids on the block, "I'll be lovin you forever"
29. Taylor Dane, "Everybeat of my heart"
28. Kix, "Dont close your eyes"
27. Sleazy Boyz, "Robocop"
26. New Kids on the block, "Hangin tought"
25. Sheena Easton, "The lover in me"
24. Moving pictures, "What about me"
23. Jive Bunny & the master mixers, "Swing the mood"
22. Def Leopard, "Rocket"
21. Marticka, "Toy Soldier"
20. Bon Jovi, "Lay your hands on me"
19. Sam Kinison, "Wild thing"
18. 38 special, "Comin down tonight"
17. Bangles, "Eternal flame"
16. Kylie Manogue, "Its no secret"
15. New kids on the block, "This ones for the children"
14. Warrant, "Sometimes she crys"
13. Skid rowe, "I remember you"
12. Rockset, "Shes got the look"
11. New kids on the block, "Didnt i blow your mind this time"
10. Nena cherry, "Buffalo stance"
9. Guns & Roses, "Paradise city"
8. Skid Rowe, "18 & life"
7. Poison, "Your momma dont dance"
6. Guns & Roses, "Patience"
5. Whitesnake, "Fool for your lovin"
4. Sinch, "Where are you now"
3. Winger "Headed for a heartbreak"
2. New Kids on the block, "Right stuff"
1. Warrant, "Heaven isn't too far away"