The top 40 April 1991

40. Ralph Tresvant, "Stone cold gentleman"
39. The Black Crowes, "She talks to Angels"
38. Stevie B, "I'll be by your side"
37. Sheena Easton, "What comes naturally"
36. Michael Bolton, "Love is a wonderful thing"
35. Firehouse, "Dont treat me bad"
34. REM, "Losing my religion"
33. Whitney Houston, "The Star spangled banner"
32. Monie Love, "Its a shame"
31. Bingoboys, "How to dance"
30. Extreme, "More than words"
29. The Triplets, "You dont have to go home tonight"
28. Maria Carey, "SOmeday"
27. Tracie Spencer, "Someday"
26. Rude Boys, "Written all over your face"
25. Keedy, "Save some love"
24. Nelson, "More than ever"
23. Maria Carey, "I dont wanna cry"
22. Queensryche, "Silent lucidity"
21. Tevin Campbell, "Round and round"
20. Timmy T, "one more try"
19. Gloria Estefan, "Coming out of the dark"
18. Rembrandts, "Just the way it is baby"
17. Tesla, "Signs"
16. Robert Palmer, "Mercy mercy me"
15. Rod Stewart, "Rhythm of my heart"
14. Voices that care, "Voices that care"
13. Another bad creation, "Iesha"
12. Divynls, "I touch myself"
11. Cathy Dennis, "Touch me, all night long"
10. C & C music factory, "Here we go"
9. Rich Astley, "Cry for help"
8. Hi 5, "I like the way"
7. Gerardo, "Rico suave"
6. Enigma, "Sadness part 1"
5. Roxette, "Joyride"
4. Tara kemp, "Hold you tight"
3. Londonbeat, "Ive been thinking about you"
2. AMy Grant, "Baby baby"
1. Wilson Phillips, "You're in love"
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