Top 40 of August 1984

42. Lionel Richie, "Stuck on you"
41. Tina Turner, "Whats love got to do"
40. Real Life, "Catch me I'm falling"
39. Slade, "Run runaway"
38. Van Halen, "I'll wait"
37. Chicago, "Hard habbit to break"
36. Jermain Jackson, "Dynamite"
35. The Jacksons, "Torcher"
34. Eddie Grant, "Romancing the stone"
33. Night Ranger, "When you close your eyes"
32. Pointer sisters, "Jump for my love"
31. Thomas Dolby, "She blinded me w/ science"
30. The Jacksons, "State of shock"
29. Huey Lewis & the news, "If this is it"
28. Peter Wolf, "Lights out"
27. Madonna, "Lucky star"
26. Billy Squire, "Rock me tonight"
25. Glen Fry, "Sexy girl"
24. Steve Perry, "She's mine"
23. Twisted sister, "We're not gonna take it"
22. Kenny Loggins, "I'm free"
21. Laura Branigan, "Self control"
20. Cars, "Magic"
19. Ratt, "Round and round"
18. Banannarama, "Cruel summer"
17. Cory Heart, "I where my sunglasses at night"
16. Van Halen, "Panama"
15. Peabo Brycen, "If ever your in my arms again"
14. Thompson twins, "Doctor doctor"
13. Shelia E., "Glamorous life"
12. ZZ top, "Legs"
11. Billy Idol, "Eyes w/out a face"
10. Cars, "Drive"
9. Ollie & Jerry, "Breakin, theres no stoppin us"
8. Dan Heartman, "I can dream about you"
7. Mike Reno & Anne Wilson, "Almost Paradise"
6. Rod Stuart, "Infatuation"
5. Prince, "Let's go crazy"
4. Ray Parker jr, "Ghostbusters"
3. Cindy Lauper, "She-bop"
2. John Waite, "Missing you"
1. Prince, "When Doves cry"
**** Top 5 from 1 year ago this week in 1983 **** 5. Asia, "Don't cry"
4. Men w/out hats, "Safety dance"
3. Micheal Jackson, "Human nature"
2. Bonnie Tyler, "Total eclipse of the heart"
1. Billy Joel, "Tell her about it"