The top 40 Jan. 1994

40. Life
39. Rozalla, "I love music"
38. Zap an Roger, "Slow an easy"
37. Color me bad, "Choose"
36. Us 3, "Canteloop"
35. Xscape, "Understanding"
34. Cher w/ Beavis & Butthead, "I got you babe"
33. Heart, "Will you be there in the Morning"
32. Elton John & Kiki Dee, "True love"
31. Xscape, "Just kickin"
30. Zhane', "Hey Mr. DJ"
29. Celine Dion, "Power of love"
28. Meatloaf, "Anything for love but I won't do that"
27. Pearl Jam, "Daughter"
26. Def leopard, "Miss you in a heartbeat"
25. Babyface, "Never keepin secrets"
24. DRS, "gangsta lean"
23. Aerosmith, "Amazing"
22. Gin Blossoms, "Found out about you"
21. Gabrielle, "Dreams"
20. Snoop Doggy dog, "Whats my name"
19. UB40, "Higher ground"
18. Phill Collins, "Both sides of the story"
17. Hi five, "Never should of let you go"
16. Joshua Caddison, "Jesse"
15. Bobby Brown & Whitney, "Somethin in common"
14. Billy Joel, "All about soul"
13. Ace of base, "All that she wants"
12. Cranberries, "Linger"
11. Culture Beat, "Mr. Vain"
10. 10,000 Maniacs, "Because the night"
9. Salt an pepper, "Shoop"
8. Jimmy Cliff, "I can see clearly now"
7. Janet, "Again"
6. Michael Bolton, "Said I loved you but i lied"
5. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting, "All for love"
4. Tevin Campbell, "Can we talk"
3. Tony Braxton, "Breathe again"
2. Bryan Adams, "Please forgive me"
1. Maria Carey, "Hero"
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