Top 40 of December 1988

40. Samantha Fox, "I wanna have some fun"
39. Cheap trick, "Ghostown"
38. Sherif, "When I'm w/ you"
37. George Michael, "Kissing a fool"
36. Cheryl Pepsi Reilly, "Thanks for my child"
35. Steve Winwood, "Holdin on"
34. Bon Jove, "Born to be my baby"
33. Judson Spence, "Yeah yeah yeah"
32. Maxi Priest, "Wild world"
31. White lion, "When the children cry"
30. Joan Jett, "Little liar"
29. Beach boys, "Kokomo"
28. Escape club, "Wild wild west"
27. Iva Nebble, "Not just another girl"
26. Bon Jove, "Bad medicine"
25. Tiffany, "All this time"
24. Karyn White, "The way you love me"
23. Eurythmics, "Put a lil love in your heart"
22. U2, "Desire"
21. Def Leopard, "Armagedon it"
20. Michael Jackson, "Smooth criminal"
19. Robert Palmer, "Early in the morning"
18. Kenny G, "Silloutte"
17. The boys club, "I remember holding you"
16. Was not was, "Spie in the house of love"
15. Tayler dane, "Dont rush me"
14. Van halen, "Finish what you started"
13. The Bangles, "In your room"
12. Phill Collins, "Two hearts"
11. When in Rome, "The promise"
10. Eddie money, "Walk on water"
9. Guns & Roses, "Welcome to the jungle"
8. Breathe, "How can I fall"
7. Duran Duran, "I dont want your love"
6. Will to power, "Baby I love your way"
5. Boy meets girl, "Waiting for a star to fall"
4. Bobby Brown, "My perogative"
3. Anita Baker, "Giving you the best that I got"
2. Poison, "Every rose has its thorn"
1. Chicago "Look away"