The top 40 January 1993

40. Patty Smyth w/ Don Henley, "Somtimes love just ain't enough"
39. Wrecks-N-effect, "Rumpshaker"
38. Soul system, "Its gonna be a lovely day"
37. Portrait, "Here we go again"
36. Shakespear sister, "I don't care"
35. Arrested Development, "Mr Wendal"
34. Damn Yankees, "Where you goin now"
33. Bon Jovi, "Bed of roses"
32. TLC, "What about your friends"
31. Saigon Kick, "Love is on the way"
30. Boys II men, "End of the road"
29. Charles & Eddie, "Would I lie to you"
28. The heights, "How do you talk to an angel"
27. Annie Lennox, "Walking on broken glass"
26. Mary J Blige, "Real love"
25. Spin Doctors, "Little miss can't be wrong"
24. Michael Bolton, "To love somebody"
23. Def Leopart, "Stand up"
22. Celine Dion, "Love can move mountains"
21. Patty Smyth, "No mistakes"
20. Whitney Houston, "I'm every woman"
19. PM Dawn, "I'd die without you"
18. Dan Baird, "I love you period"
17. Genesis, "Never a time"
16. Snap, "Rhythem is a dancer"
15. Jon Secada, "Do you believe in us"
14. Peter Gabriel, "Steam"
13. Bobby Brown, Good enough"
12. En Vogue, "Give it up, turn it loose"
11. Shanice, "Saving forever for you"
10. Toad the wet sprocket, "Walk on the ocean"
9. Prince, "7"
8. Peabo Bryson, "A whole new world"
7. Shai, "If i ever fall in love"
6. Restless Heart, "When she cries"
5. Go west, "Faithful"
4. Duran duran, "Ordinary world"
3. Madonna, "Deeper and deeper"
2. Boys II Men, "In the still of the night"
1. Whitney houston, "I will always love you"
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