The top 40 July 1992

40. Annie Lennox, "Why"
39. WIlson phillips, "You wont see me cry"
38. Bryan Adams, "Thought I'd died and gone to heaven"
37. Lionel Richie, "Do it to me"
36. Kriss Kross, "Warm it up"
35. Linear, "T L C"
34. Lidell Townself, "nu nu"
33. Mr Big, "Just take my heart"
32. Richard Marx, "Take this heart"
31. Vanessa Williams, "Just for tonight"
30. U2, "one"
29. Amy Grant, "I will remember you"
28. En Vogue, "Giving him somethin he can feel"
27. B 52s, "Good stuff"
26. TLC, "Aint too proud to beg"
25. Tom Cochrane, "Life is a highway"
24. Jodeci, "Come and talk to me"
23. Technotronic, "Move this"
22. Cure, "Friday I'm in love"
21. Michael Jackson, "In the closet"
20. Sir Mix a lot, "Babys got back"
19. Michael Bolton, "Steel bars"
18. CeCe Penniston, "Keep on walkin"
17. Arrested Development, "Tennessee"
16. Vanessa WIlliams, "Save the best for last"
15. Color Me bad, "Slow motion"
14. Madonna, "This used to be my playground"
13. Jon Secada, "Just another day"
12. Kris Kross, "Jump"
11. TLC, "Baby baby baby"
10. Genesis, "Hold on my heart"
9. Joe Public, "Live and learn"
8. LUTHER/Janet, "Best things in life are free"
7. Sophie B Hawkins, "Damn I wish I was your lover"
6. George Michael, "Too funky"
5. Cover girls, "Wishing on a star"
4. Celine Dion, "If you asked me to"
3. Red Hot Chilli peppers, "Under the bridge"
2. En Vogue, "My lovin"
1. Maria Carey, "I'll be there"
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