The top 40 July 1994

40. Richard Marx, "The way she loves me"
39. Babyface, "When I can I see you"
38. Collage, "I'll be loving you"
37. Counting Crows, "Round here"
36. Warren G, "Regulate"
35. Boston, "I need your love"
34. Ovis, "Regular thang"
33. Salt N Peppa, "What a man"
32. Garth Brooks, "Hard luck woman"
31. Meat Puppets, "Backwater"
30. Joshua Caddison, "Beatiful in my eyes"
29. Tevin Campbell, "Im ready"
28. Toad the wet sprocket, "Fall down"
27. Roxette, "Sleeping in my car"
26. Michael bOLTON, "aint got nothin if you aint got love"
25. Melissa Ethridge, "Come to my window"
24. General Public, "I'll take you there"
23. Celine Dion, "Misled"
22. M People, "Movin on up"
21. Seal, "Prayer for they dying"
20. Ace of base, "The sign"
19. Aaliyah, "Back and forth"
18. Erasure, "Always"
17. Gin Blossoms, "until I fall away"
16. Elton John, "Can you feel the love tonight"
15. John Couger, "Wild nights"
14. Enigma, "Return to innocence"
13. Aerosmith, "Crazy"
12. Prince, "the most beautiful girl in the world"
11. Collective soul, "Shine"
10. Counting crows, "Mr jones"
9. Big Mtn, "Baby I love your way"
8. Jon Secada, "If you go"
7. Janet Jackson, "Anytime anyplace"
6. Maria Carey, "Anytime you need a friend"
5. TOni Braxton, "You mean the world to me"
4. Madonna, "I'll remember"
3. Lisa Loeb & 9 storeis, "Stay I missed you"
2. All 4 one, "I swear"
1. Ace of base, "DOnt turn around"
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