The top 40 June 1995

41. Corona, "Baby baby, why can't we just stay together"
40. TLC, "Creep"
39. Pearl Jam, "Betterman"
38. John B & Babyface, "Someone to love"
37. Steavy B, "Dream about you"
36. Better than ezra, "good"
35. Cheryl Crow, "dyermaker"
34. Deseree, "you gotta be"
33. Collective soul, "December"
32. Madonna, "Take a bow"
31. Adina Howard, "freak like me"
30. Real McCoy, "Another nite"
29. Deseree, "Feels so high"
28. Paula Abdul, "My love is for real"
27. The Rembrandts, "I'll be there for you"
26. Montel Jordan, "This is how we do it"
25. Hooty and the Blowfish, "Hold my hand"
24. Tom petty, "Its good to be king"
23. REM, "Strange currencies"
22. Soul for real, "Candyrain"
21. Annie lennox, "No more I love you's"
20. Human league, "Tell me when"
19. Elton John, "Believe"
18. Adam Ant, "Wonderfull"
17. Martin Page, "In the house of stone an light"
16. TLC, "Red light special"
15. Blues traveler, "Runaround"
14. Cheryl Crow, "Strong Enough"
13. Greenday, "When I come around"
12. Nikki French, "Total eclipse of the heart"
11. Firehouse, "Live my life for you"
10. Dave Mathews band, "What would you say"
9. Live, "Lightning crashes"
8. Jamie Walters, "Hold on"
7. Van Halen, "Can't stop lovin you"
6. Real McCoy, "Runaway"
5. Brian Adams, "Have you ever really loved a woman"
4. Boys II Men, "Water runs dry"
3. Hooty and the Blowfish, "Let her cry"
2. Dion Ferris, "I know"
1. Blessed Union of souls, "I believe"
* note: 1 year ago this week, #1 was Madonna, "I'll Remember"
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