The top 40 January 1992

40. After 7, "Kickin it"
39. INXS, "Not enough time"
38. Celine Dion, "Nothing broken but my heart"
37. Peter Cetera, "Restless heart"
36. KD Lang, "Constant cravin"
35. Del Amitri, "Always the last to know"
34. Annie lennox, "Walkin on broken glass"
33. House of pain, "Jump around"
32. Richard Marx, "Take this heart'
31. Luther/Janet, "The best things in life are free'
30. Def Leopard, "have you ever need someone so bad"
29. Phill collins, "Jesus he knows me"
28. The heights, "How do you talk to an angel"
27. TLC, 'What about your friends"
26. Cathy Dennis, "You lied to me"
25. Firehouse, "When I look into your eyes"
24. Mary J Blige, "Real love"
23. Ce Ce penniston, "Keep on walkin"
22. Shakespear sister, "Stay"
21. Charles & eddie, "WOuld i lie to you"
20. Snap, "Rhthem is a dancer"
19. En vogue, "Free your mind"
18. Arrested development, "Everyday people"
17. Guns & Roses, "November rain"
16. Tom Cochran, "Life is a highway"
15. En vogue, "Givin him somethin he can feel"
14. Technotronic, "Move this'
13. Bryan adams, "Do i have to say the words"
12. Color me bad, "Forever love"
11. Elton John, "The one"
10. Jade, "I wanna love you"
9. PM Dawn, "Id die without you"
8. Toad the wet sprocket, "All i want"
7. Hi 5, "Shes playin hard to get"
6. Bobby brown, "Humpin around"
5. K W S, "Please dont go"
4. Patty smyth/Don henley, "sometimes love just aint enough"
3. Jon secada, "Just another day"
2. TLC, "Baby baby baby"
1. Boyx II men, "End of the road"
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