Hitlist Live Top30 from end of summer 1994

30. Xane, "Shame"
29. Madonna, "Take a bow"
28. Sophie B Hawkins, "Right beside you"
27. Greenday, "Basketcase"
26. Real McCoy, "Another night"
25. Amy Grant, "Lucky one"
24. Elton John, "Circle of life
23. Coolio, "Fantastic voyage"
22. mellissa Ethridge, "Im the only one"
21. Jon Secada, "If you go"
20. Gin Blossoms, "Allison road"
19. Prince, "Let it go"
18. Pretenders, "I'll stand by you"
17. Steve Perry, "You better wait"
16. Madonna, "I'll remember"
15. Janet Jackson, "Anytime anyplace"
14. Alliyah, "Back and forth"
13. Seal, "Prayer for the dieing"
12. Erasure, "Always"
11. Michelle Chello & John Cougar, "Wild nights"
10. Gin Blossoms, "Until I fall away"
9. Tony Braxton, "You mean the world to me"
8. Boys II Men, "i'll make love to you"
7. All for one, "I swear"
6. Elton John, "Can you feel the love tonight"
5. Collective soul, "Shine"
4. Aerosmith, "Crazy"
3. Maria Carey, "anytime you need a friend"
2. Lisa Loeb & 9 stories, "Stay"
1. Ace of Base, "Don't turn around"