Top 30 of 1988

30. Terrance trent Darby, "Sign your name"
29. Micheal Jackson, "Dirty diana"
28. George micheal, "Kissing a fool"
27. Richard Marx, "Hold on to the night"
26. Johnny Hates Jazz, "Shattered dreams"
25. Miami Sound machine, "Anything for you"
24. Aerosmith, "Angel"
23. Phil Collins, "Groovy kind of love"
22. UB40, "Red red wine"
21. INXS, 'Devil inside"
20. Expose, "Season change"
19. Debbie Gibson, "Foolish beat"
18. Whitney houston, "Where do broken hearts go"
17. Beach boys, "Kokomo"
16. Terrance Trent Darby, "Wishing well"
15. George Micheal, "Monkey"
14. Def Leopard, "Love bites"
13. Escape club, "Wild west"
12. Rick Astley, "Never gonna give you up"
11. Robert Palmer, "Simply Irrisistable"
10. INXS, "Need you tonight"
9. Tiffany, "Could've been"
8. Guns & Roses, "Sweet Child o mine"
7. George Micheal, "Father figure"
6. Cheap trick, "The flame"
5. Micheal jackson, "Man in the mirror"
4. George micheal, "one more try"
3. Def Leopard, "Pour some sugar on me"
2. Billy ocean, "Get outta my dreams get into my car"
1. Steve Winwood, "Roll with it"