This weeks Top40

40. Def Leopard, "Promises"
39. Ricky Martin, "La copa de la vida"
38. Paula Cole, "I believe in Love"
37. Edwin McCain, "I could not ask for more"
36. Robbie WIlliams, "Angels"
35. Whitney Houston, ""
34. Bryan McKnight, "Back at one"
33. Jenifer Lopez, "Waiting for tonight"
32. Jordan Knight, "I could never take the place of your man"
31. Mellissa Ethridge, "Angels would fall"
30. Lenny Kravitz, "American Woman"
29. Mandy, "Candy"
28. LFO "Girl on TV"
27. Blackstreet, "Bills Bills Bills"
26. Maria Carey, "Broken hearted"
25. Train, "Meet Virginia"
24. Blink 182, "Whats my name again?
23. Marc Antony, "Bringing out the dead"
22. Shania Twain, "Man I feel like a woman"
21. Gloria Estefan & N'Sync, "Music of my heart"
20. Fastball, "Out of my head"
19. 6 pence none the richer, "There she goes"
18. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, "Scar tissue"
17. Pearl Jam, "Last kiss"
16. 702, "Where my gilrs at?"
15. Jenifer Lopez, "If you had my love"
14. Goo Goo Dolls, "Black Balloon"
13. Backstreet Boys, "Larger than life"
12. Ricky Martin, "She's all I've ever had"
11. Brittany Spears, "Crazy"
10. Len, "Steal my sunshine"
9. Tal Backman, "She's so high"
8. Enrique Iglesias, "Bailamos"
7. TLC, "Unpretty"
6. Smashmouth, "All star"
5. 98 degrees, "I Do cherish you"
4. Sugar Ray, "Someday"
3. Christina Aquillera, "Genie in a bottle"
2. Lou Bega, "Mambo #5"
1. Santana, "Smooth"
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