Top40 songs of the week

40. Nelly, "#1"
39. Lifehouse, "Breathing"
38. Darude, "sandstorm"
37. Smashmouth, "Pacific coast party"
36. Sugar Ray, "Answer the phone"
35. Wise Guys, "Causing a commotion"
34. Matchbox 20, "Last Beatifull girl"
33. Genuine, "Differences"
32. The calling, "Whereever you will go"
31. Jewel, "standing still"
30. U2, "Stuck in a moment you cant get out of"
29. Lenny Kravitz, "Dig in"
28. Dave Mathews, "The space between"
27. Train, "Drops of jupiter"
26. "Whats going on"
25. 5 for fighting, "Superman, its not easy"
24. Christina Millian, "Am to pm"
23. Nickleback, "How you remind me"
22. JZ, "Izzo"
21. Brittany spears, "Im a slave for you"
20. Jagged edge, "Where the party at"
19. 3 doors down, "Be like that"
18. Enya, "Only time"
17. Pink, "Get the party started"
16. Alien ant farm, "Smooth criminal"
15. Destinys child, "Emotion"
14. Toya, "I do"
13. Back street boys, "Drowning"
12. Usher, "You remind me"
11. Eve w/ Gwen Stafani, "Let me blow your mind"
10. N Sync, "Gone"
9. Michelle Branch, "Everywhere"
8. Staind, "Its been awhile"
7. Craig David, "Fill me in"
6. Mary J Blige, "Family affair"
5. Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"
4. Nelly Furtado, "Turn of the light"
3. Blue Cantrell, "Hit em up style"
2. Alicia Keys, "Fallen"
1. Jaylo, "Im real"
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