Top40 songs of the week

40. Marc Anthony, "My baby you"
39. J Z, "Big pimping"
38. Savage Garden, "Affirmation"
37. Eve 6, "Promis"
36. Mya, "Case of the X"
35. matchbox20, "If your gone"
34. Dream, "Loves you not"
33. Wallflowers, "Sleepwalker"
32. Sting, "Desert rose"
31. No authority, "Can i get your number"
30. Faith hill, "Way you love me" 29. Enrique Iglesias, "Sad eyes"
28. Ruff Endz, "No more"
27. Evan & Jarron, "Crazy for this girl"
26. Kandi, "Dont think Im not"
25. Fastball, "Your an ocean"
24. Bare Naked Ladies, "Pinch me"
23. Third eye blind, "Deep inside of you"
22. Debla Morgan, "Dance with me"
21. Jessica Simpson, "I think im in love w/ you"
20. N Sync, "I promise you"
19. Samantha Mumba, "Gotta tell you"
18. Brittany spears, "LUcky"
17. Baha men, "Who let the dogs out"
16. 9 days, "Absolutly, story of a girl"
15. Bon Jovi, "Its my life"
14. Vertical Horizon, "Your a god"
13. Nelly, "country grammar"
12. Tony Braxton, "Not man enough"
11. Everclear "Wonderfull"
10. Soul decision, "Faded"
9. Matchbox 20, "Bent"
8. 98 degrees, "Una noche"
7. Pink, "Most girls"
6. Creed, "With arms wide open"
5. Janet Jackson, "Does it really matter"
4. Christina Aguillera, "Come on over baby"
3. Destinys child, "Jumpin jumpin"
2. Madonna, "Music"
1. 3 doors dow, "Kryptonite"
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