Top40 songs of the week

40. Dante Thomas, "Miss California"
39. Willa Ford, "I wanna be bad"
38. Outcaste, "So fresh, so clean"
37. Wyclef John, "Perfect Gentelmen"
36. Brittany Spears, "Dont let me be the last to know"
35. Areosmith, "fly away"
34. Limpbizqit, "My way"
33. Trick daddy, "Take it to the house"
32. Mandy Moore, "In my pocket"
31. Evan And Jarron, "Head to my heart"
Add: 30.5. Eve six, "heres to the nite"
30. Tamia, "Stranger in my house"
29. American Hi-fi, "Flavor of the week"
28. Sarena Paris, "look at us"
27. BBmak, "Ghost of you and me"
26. Stella solei, "kiss kiss"
25. Amanda, "Everybody does it"
24. O town, "all or nothing"
23. Edens crush, "Get over yourself"
22. Coldplay, "Yellow"
21. Incubus, "Drive"
20. Backstreet boys, "More than that"
19. Matchbox20, "mad season"
18. Jessica Simpson, "Irresistable"
17. Train, "Drops of jupiter"
16. Madona, "What it feels like for a girl"
15. Samantha Mumba, "Baby come on over"
14. Dream, "This is me"
13. Moby w/ Gwen stefani, "Southside"
12. Joe, "Stutter"
11. Crazytown, "Butterfly"
10. Shaggy, "Angel"
9. Nelly Furtato, "I'm like a bird"
8. Dido, "thank you"
7. Jaylo, "Play"
6. Destinys child, "Survivor"
5. nelly, "ride w/ me"
4. Uncle cracker, "Follow me"
3. Janet jackson, "All for you"
2. lifehouse, "Hanging by a moment"
1. lil kim, mya, pink, christina Aguillera, "Lady Marmalade"
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