Top40 songs of the week

40. Will Smith, "Freakin it"
39. Counting Crows, "Hanginaroun"
38. Enrique Iglesias, "The Rhythem devine"
37. Foo fighters, "Learning to fly"
36. Jenifer Lopez, "Waiting for tonight"
35. Splender, "I think god can explain"
34. westlife, "Swear it again"
33. BBMak, "Back here"
32. Lou Bega, "Tricky tricky"
31. Jenifer Lopez, "I feel so good"
30. Enrique Iglesias, "You sang to me"
29. Creed, "Higher"
28. Mandy, "Candy"
27. Macey Gray, "I try"
26. Amber, "Sexual"
25. Kid Rock, "Only god knows why"
24. Madonna, "American Pie"
23. Santana, "Maria Maria"
22. Vertical Horizon, "Everything you want"
21. TLC "Dear lie"
20. Train, "Meet Virginia"
19. Sonique, "It feels so good"
18. Lonestar, "Amazed"
17. Britney Spears, "From the bottom of my broken heart"
16. Whitney Houston, "My love is your love"
15. Marc Anthony, "I need to know"
14. Filter, "Take a picture"
13. Blink182, "All the small things"
12. Brian Mcknight, "Back at one"
11. 3rd I Blind, "Never let you go"
10. Sugar ray, "Falls apart"
9. Santana, "Smooth"
8. Smash Mouth, "Then the morning comes"
7. Blacque, "Bring it all to me"
6. Celine Dion, "Thats the way it is"
5. Eiffel 65, "Blue"
4. N Sync, "Bye bye bye"
3. Savage Garden, "I know i loved you"
2. Christina Aquilera, "What a girl wants"
1. Backstreet boys, "Show me the meaning of being lonely"
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