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Football is finally a year round sport. The XFL made a year round sport starting their season in feburary of 2001, but that only lasted for one single, and rather pathetic, season of ball. Now Arena football starts in february, followed by NFLEurope in April. Their seasons are complete by late June, however Arena football 2, which starts in march, continues thru the end of august, only problem is they dont get much TV exposure. So you'll hafta check em out in person at your local arena, or nearest arena with a franchise. The Canadian league comences in late June. So basically in July your choices are the CFL an af2, neither of which have much TV exposure here in the USA but the NFL preseason will kick in late july early august, and the NFL and college seasons will last through Janurary when we turn full circle. However, CFL is getting more exposure now w/ TV contracts w/ certain Regional sports networks, like NESN, MSG, & Comcast sports net.

week 1: 9 - 7
week 2: 8 - 8
week 3: 9 - 5
week 4: 9 - 5
week 5: 7 - 7
week 6: 10 - 4
week 7: 11 -3
week 8: 9 - 5
week 9: 8 - 6
week 10: 8 - 6
week 11: 11 - 5
week 12: 13 - 3
week 13: 7 - 9
week 14: 10 - 6
week 15: 15 - 1
week 16: 13 - 3
week 17: 10 - 6
week 18: 3 - 1
week 19: 2 - 2
week 20: 1 - 1
week 21: 0 - 1

last season: 173 - 93 - 1
2001 season: 161 - 97
2000 season: 166 - 93
1999 season: 170 - 93
1998 season: 159 - 122

NFLEuropes over, check to See results here.

The CFL has starts their season in late june. check out the Radically Canadian web page.

Arena Football!
AFL on NBC. Hooray! Course you don't see EVERYgame, so the Regional sports networks an independant stations, pick up the slack. Check here for full TV coverage of the AFL season "Arenafan" check them out here.
Also check out *MY* AFL page here
The AFL-2.

How about that 'other' indoor leagues nobody has ever heard of? Yes the Indoor Profesional Football League has taken the field for its 3rd season. I think the following is their website.
IPFL? err maybe not :) It would appear this league has gone defunct as well.
Or has it? It looks like soem former IFL an IPFL teams have formed a new league. The NIFL I currently have not found any TV coverage of this league but there is some webcast/radio coverage.

Another football league is the North American football league. A semi-pro league thats been around for a few years. NAFL

Then theres the American Pro Football league. They apparently don't have and offical site but there is this, Unofficial APFL site

Then theres the virtual football leagues here Virtual, meaning fantasy leagues.

The Indoor football league an the XFL no longer exist. XFL called it quits sadly (well at least we had ONE complete year of football. And the IFL was bought out by the Arena 2 league but only 1 franchise remains.

There is one more league, the Womens Pro football league. I think they have a website?!?

And this is interesting. A link to the old Midwest sports channel. They are now called Fox Sports Net North but this is kinda like a step back into time: Midwest Sports Channel