Top40 songs of the week

40. Jive Jones, "Me myself and I"
39. D-12, "Purple Hills"
38. Macy Gray, "Sweet baby"
37. Destinsy child, "Emotion"
36. U2, "Stuck in a moment you cant get out of"
35. 5 for fightning, "Superman, Its not easy"
34. Gigi Dogastino, "I'll fly with you"
33. Darude, "sandstorm"
32. Mandy Moore, "crush"
31. Alien Ant farm, "Smooth criminal"
30. Gorillas, "Clint Eastwood<"
29. Feul, "Bad day"
28. Christina Millian, "Am to pm"
27. Enya, "A day without rain"
26. Toya, "I do"
25. N sync, "Gone"
24. 3 doors down, "Be like that"
23. Afroman, "Becuz I got high"
22. Michelle Branch, "Everywhere"
21. Smashmouth, "Im a believer"
20. Michael Jackson, "U rock my world"
19. Craig David, "Fill me in"
18. Nelly Furtato, "Turn off the light"
17. Jagged edge, "Wheres the party at?"
16. Willa Ford, "I wanna be bad"
15. 112, "Peaches and cream"
14. Sugar Ray, "When its over"
13. LFO, "Every other time"
12. O town, "All or nothing"
11. Wise guys, "Start the commotion"
10. Train, "Drops of jupiter"
9. City High, "What would you do"
8. Lifehouse, "Hanging by a moment"
7. Usher, "You remind me"
6. Staind, "Its been awhile"
5. Janet Jackson, "Someone to call my lover"
4. Jaylo, "Im real"
3. Alicia Keys, "Fallen"
2. Eve w/ Gwen Stefani, "Let me blow ya mind"
1. Blu Cantrell, "Hit'em up style"
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