Top40 songs of the week

40. Bryan McKnight, "6,8,12"
39. Montel Jordan, "Get it on tonight"
38. No doubt, "Simple kind of life"
37. Bon Jovi, "Its my life"
36. Envouge, "Riddle"
35. DMX, "Party up"
34. Marc Antony, "You sang to me"
33. Lara Fabian, "I will love again"
32. Destinys child, "Jump"
31. Soul Decision, "Faded"
30. Sting, "Desert Rose"
29. Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias, "Could I have this kiss forever"
28. Red Hot chilli peppers, "Otherside"
27. Sister Hazel, "Change your mind"
26. Tony Braxton, "He wasn't man enough"
25. Alice DJ, "better off alone"
24. Vitamine C, "Graduation"
23. Savage Garden, "Crash & burn"
22. Westlife, "Swear it again"
21. Splender, "I think God can explain"
20. Jenifer simpson, "I think I'm in love with you"
19. Destinys child, "Say my name"
18. Mandy More, "I wanna be with you"
17. Eminen, "The real slim shady"
16. Sisqo, "Thong song"
15. Goo good Dolls, "Broadway"
14. BBmak, "Back here"
13. Christina Aguillera, "I turn to you"
12. 9 days, "Absolutly"
11. Joe, "I wanna know"
10. Backstreet boys, "The one"
9. Aliyah, "Try again"
8. Macy Gray, "I try"
7. Enrique Iglesias, "I wanna be with you"
6. Pink, "There you go"
5. Matchbox20, "Bent"
4. Vertical Horizon, "Everything you want"
3. Creed, "Higher"
2. Christina Aguilera, "Oops I did it again"
1. N Sync, "Its gonna be me"
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